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Jehovah`s Witness/Rando, And the Governing Body...Do They Agree?


Since Rando has hypocritically orchestrated attacks against Mr. Hepburn under various names, and is now trying to sit back and play “innocent” in all of it, but then has the audacity to act “sad” that Mr. Hepbnrn makes a reference to the Governing Body, then I believe its only fair that Rando’s loyalty to the Governing Body be put under the very same microscope.  I believe it is only right, that the same “standards” that are being used to single out Mr. Hepburn for attack, also be used for any other JW here, as well….including the very one who is behind most of the attacking of other people in this forum, namely, Mr. Rando.

In fact, its almost amusing to watch the questions come in.  Mr. Rando has been on a rampage for weeks now, correcting the GB and the NWT, for their rendering of Matthew 28:19, and both Eddie and Ms. T are scared stiff to say anything about it, or even offer an opinion….even when someone ASKS for their opinion.  Where is THEIR loyalty to the GB, or the the Bible for that matter, while it is being attacked by this so-called JW, who claims to be “Property of the Faithful and Discreet Slave”?

Why is it that “Danny Boy” seems to have no problem with Rando disagreeing with the GB, but hypocritically wants to stalk my profile just to make sure that Abdijah is not secretly corresponding with me (like its any of his business)?  Is “Danny” really that zealous for the Organization?  I think not.

Why is it that “Joseph” seems to think that a passing reference by Mr. Hepburn about the GB, is worth slandering the man and tarnishing his reputation over, and is somehow “proof” that he isn’t a real JW?  But “Joseph” seems to have no problem with Rando openly disagreeing with the GB.

This one really isn’t hard to figure out.  What IS hard to figure out, is how people who claim to be of “the truth”, can be such liars and be so hypocritical?

At any rate, I believe if a comment about the GB “wielding control” is sufficient to imply a man is “apostate”, then Rando and the others should be held to the same set of rules.

And as will be shown, Rando has freely posted his own ideas from day one of joining this forum, which go completely against what is taught by the GB.

The first contradiction between Rando and the GB, is found in his claim that the Scriptures identify the 3 angels who appeared to Abraham, as “Michael”, “Gabriel”, and “Abaddon”.  

This is problematic, because the GB teaches that Jesus IS Michael, and that Jesus IS Abaddon.  But Rando states that Michael and Abaddon are separate Beings.

Rando wrote himself a question entitled….

Three Angels visit Abraham. Who are they?

The writing contained the following "question" to Rando, written by Rando, in order to brag on Rando, and give Rando high ratings.  The "question" was....

“Are you able to name these Angels?”

Rando replies, with this fascinating answer, which is BLATANTLY contrary to the teaching of the “Slave”, and the very Organization that he claims to uphold….

RANDO:  “Yes. Michael, Gabriel, and Abaddon. Michael stays with Abraham a little while but Gabriel and Abaddon go warn Lot of the coming destruction. There ya go, a sacred secret revealed.”

Interestingly, Rando went back and REMOVED a statement from the follow-up, where he stated the above answer is “in the Scriptures” .

Evidently, Rando was adding to the Word of God.  Otherwise, why remove the comment that “Its in the Scriptures” , unless it really isn’t?  And notice at the end how he rates himself with “10” ratings, after sending the question to himself.  Really honest guy, we have here.

But HERE is what is interesting….From the very day that Rando joined this forum, his posts began to raise eyebrows….even from other Witnesses.  He came here and began promoting his own ideas, which were often contrary to those taught by the Organization.

And when he was addressed about his notion that Abaddon and Michael were 2 separate angels (The WT teaches that Jesus is Abaddon, AND that Jesus is Michael, so Rando’s claiming they are 2 separate angels, is an obvious contradiction to the Society’s teachings), Rando replies with this remark….

“LOL I know the brothers think Michael and Abaddon are the same but”

Since the notion of disagreeing with the GB is such a terrible thing to “Danny”, “Joseph”, Eddie, and Ms. T, then one has to wonder just why it is that its okay for Rando to do it.  Rando “Laughs out loud” at the “brothers” (GB), for thinking that Michael and Abaddon are the same Being.

Hey "Joseph", should Rando be laughing at the GB, if Mr. Hepburn can't even make a comment about them "wielding power"?

Obviously, Rando felt free to disagree with the GB.

In fact, he makes another statement on this issue, in direct disagreement to the WT Society’s teaching….

RANDO:  “Abaddon is an angel under the direction of Jesus to bind and hurl satan into the abyss. He will also stay guard over the abyss until Jesus tells Abaddon to release satan for a little while after the thousand years.”

But the WT Society, and the GB…aka….”The Slave”, teach that Jesus IS Abaddon.

But after receiving a “spanking” in Private, Rando decided to change his tune.  He finally states….

RANDO:  “Abaddon is the Glorified Jesus as the Destroyer.”

But something else about Rando, that was interesting.  His current profile is not the same as it was when he joined this forum.  In fact, Rando’s profile actually contained a reference to Ray Franz, the author of “CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE” .  And it wasn’t a NEGATIVE reference, either.  In fact, he was in agreement with it.  

Now, I personally believe that Ray Franz was a man of integrity, and his book offers an insight into the workings of the WT Society, like no other book does.  So, why am I bringing this up?

Simple…Because for a JW who is devoted to the “Slave”, Ray Franz is to be viewed as an apostate to the Organization and a traitor against Jehovah, and his book is to be viewed as “apostate material”, full of poison and venom.

But Rando writes….“In these last days Jesus came to cause a division of families. (Mathew 10:34-37) In the "Crisis Of Conscience", Franz wrote about how difficult it was in leaving family members who refused to follow "Christ". (Matthew 10:36,37) Most have chosen their families rather than follow "Christ".

Rando acknowledges that Mr. Franz’s family was left behind, when he decided to “follow Christ”.  Yet, DEVOTED JWs believe that Franz became an APOSTATE to Christ, not a follower of Christ.

So, I just have to ask….WHY would a REAL JW, who is “property of the Faithful Slave”, be referencing Franz’s book, or making a positive reference to “CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE” , and implying that Ray Franz was a follower of Christ, when a JW loyal to the GB, would believe just the opposite about him?

I mean, if Mr. Hepburn’s entire reputation is being called into question for merely making a passing comment about the GB, when he has NEVER stated one word in this forum which is contrary to JW teaching, then why should Rando not also be put under the same scrutiny, when he HAS made several remarks contrary to the teachings of the GB, and seems to have been dabbling with what Witnesses are taught to believe is “apostate material”?

What say you, Danny, “Joseph”, Eddie, Ms. T?  Since Rando can disagree openly with the Society in any manner he wishes, how is it that you all can attack Mr. Hepburn so viciously, and scurry all over the internet just LOOKING for something to use against him?  Rando has given plenty of it….Right here in this forum, and you all are silent.  

Yet, you attack Mr. Hepburn because he DARED to call for the other JWs to act like Christians, and now he is singled out as a target for slander.  I notice that several of these clowns, have stopped calling Mr. Hepburn, "Brother"....because he said the GB "wields power".  Yet, Rando has openly disagreed with the GB several times, and they support him.


Rando has also made some interesting claims about himself, which are contrary to the doctrine of the WT, as taught under the leadership of the GB…aka…”the Slave”.


RANDO:  “When Released from my body, my body itself will die, but I will be made into a New Creation along with Christ, a son, an angel, a morning star. (Rev 2:28)”

But he wasn’t finished.  He went on to claim, IN DIRECT CONTRAST to the teaching of  the GB, that he will go to heaven….possibly WITHOUT even being a part of the 144,000.  

Now, the WT teaches that ONLY 144,000 will go to Heaven, to rule with Christ.  Not 144,000, and Rando.

But here are Rando’s statements on the matter, in complete contrast to the GB….

RANDO:  “I will die a death similar to Jesus and the ones that kill me are thinking they are dong God's will in doing such. But I asked Jehovah before hand, not to charge these ones who kill my body. Since I am one of Christ least brothers, Holy Spirit tells to get ready because the Great Tribulation is about to start. I know this because I am undergoing a sealing as Jehovah brings my earthly ministry to an end. (Rev 7:3)”

“The manner in how I am going to be put to death is not revealed to me. It is possible that I may be put to death without being sealed as a member of the 144,000. Some have been throughly tested and died in a warm bed. I won't have the luxury of dying in a warm bed, I will be humiliated for all to see, a death similar to Christ. Then in the twinkling of an eye I will be changed. (1 Cor 15:52)

I have the Heavenly Hope, but Jehovah decides with his Spirit by sealing me.”

So, Rando has the “heavenly hope”, but may NOT be a member of the 144,000?

Again, this is contrary to the teachings of the GB.

Now, I personally do not believe the GB is the final authority on what is Biblical, or what is not.  But since Mr. Hepburn is being singled out for attack, for stating that he thought the GB “wields power”, then it needs to be shown that Rando has a few disagreements with the GB himself.  

But Rando’s “beef” with the GB, isn’t done.  In fact, it has reached a new level, as of late.  Consider these comments from just days ago….

RANDO:  “"The problem with most translations including the King James Version, as it relates to the text of Matthew 28:19, is that they reflect an erroneous addition of wording of Catholic origin and not the correct words spoken by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

"As the verse and the doctrine of the Trinity were being discussed in his day, and having access to the original, Eusebius denounced the reading of Matthew 28:19 with the Trinitarian phrase as the most serious of all the falsifications ."

(Funny that Rando ADMITS this is a Trinitarian phrase, but Eddie says this phrase does NOT teach the Trinity.  They just can't get their stories straight, can they?)

Now, what Rando SHOULD have said if he were honest, is “The problem with most translations, including the NEW WORLD TRANSLATION which I CLAIM to believe, but feel free to correct when something doesn‘t “set right with me“, as it relates to the text of Matthew 28:19, is that they reflect an erroneous addition of wording of Catholic origin and not the correct words spoken by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”

This also contradicts Rando’s own previous statement about Matthew 28:19, where he stated….

RANDO:  “Jesus Commanded His Followers to "Go therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father" (Matthew 28:19)”

He then scolds the "questioner" for not knowing the above, and says..."You don't know these things because you don't believe in the Christ. Jehovah Witnesses around the World exercise their faith in the "Anointed One" and heeded Jesus words."

Apparently, Rando no longer believes in the Christ, because far from "heeding Jesus' words", he is now claiming that Jesus never spoke those words.  

First, believing those words, was a requirement for "believing in the Christ" and heeding His words, but now, Rando denies that Jesus ever said any such thing.  The ever-changing, confused mind of Rando!

But what does this have to do with him disagreeing with the Governing Body?  This…

Since Rando is always telling everyone to go to, I decided to take his good advice, and do just that.  But what I found, is that, is in CONTRAST to Rando’s statements above.  

Here is what I found from the very web site that Rando directs everyone to visit….

“Jesus said that his disciples would be baptized “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit.” (Matthew 28:19) This means that a baptism candidate recognizes the authority of Jehovah God and of Jesus Christ. (Psalm 83:18; Matthew 28:18) He also recognizes the function and activity of God’s holy spirit, or active force.”[search_id]=c0995cb0-21dd-4661-9843-47cfa5a1327e&insight[search_result_index]=15

Now, Rando has just told us several times recently, that Jesus NEVER said what the article on, claims He said.  Rando says that Jesus did NOT say to “baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”, yet, the Governing Body says that Jesus DID say that.

Now, Eddie, “Danny”, “Joseph”, and Ms. T….Tell us again why we should be so upset that Mr. Hepburn made a passing remark about the GB having too much power, when the very guy whom you all support here in this forum, has had NUMEROUS statements which fly right in the face of the GB?

Your hypocrisy is getting really ridiculous.  That’s why you’re considered a “joke”, by most readers.  Completely clueless people.  

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