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Jehovah`s Witness/Rando At It Again...Guess He Couldn't Answer The Real Issue


Rando's games never seem to end.  In fact, they are so predictable, that one can guess almost every time, just what his next post will be about.  Any time Rando is exposed for hypocrisy, or caught lying, there will ALWAYS be an attack....

On someone else....

This was quite interesting.  I notice that Rando has written another one of his predictable cowardly posts, attacking someone, all for the purpose of getting the attention off of the fact that his own hypocrisy was exposed again.  That is what he always does.

He writes the following in the form of a QUESTION….“Allan or Brenton Hepburn?”

But after asking it as a question, he then proceeds to write the entire post on the ASSUMPTION that Allan is Mr. Hepburn.  But what evidence does Rando have, that Allan is the same person as Mr. Hepburn?  About as much as he has that I am all the people he accuses me of being, that I am not…None at all.  Rando just makes it up.  Wonder why Rando didn’t show proof that they are the same?  Surely he would, if he had it.  So, why does he lie?

In fact, there is a reason why Rando is so paranoid, and thinks everybody is somebody else.  And the reason is simple…Because RANDO HIMSELF is always writing letters under aliases, to himself, and to others.  In fact, he wrote himself a letter of “encouragement” the other day, after I exposed his hypocrisy in disagreeing with the Governing Body, while acting “sad” that Mr. Hepburn voiced one sentence of disagreement, while writing paragraphs defending the WT doctrine.  

In fact, Rando even has written a fellow JW expert under another alias, harassing them, and trying to pass the buck to me for it. Real Godly character, that is.  What a miserable person Rando truly is.  I wonder how he looks at himself in the mirror?  

And by the way, Rando, I thought you were taking the approach that you would not speak against Mr. Hepburn, and were telling “Joseph” to settle things in private, out of the view of the forum?  Yep, I called you on that one weeks ago, as well.  You have been the one behind it from the start, and trying to play innocent, and like you wanted everything done in a Christian manner. And now, you openly attack Mr. Hepburn with your false accusations?  Isn’t Satan the “accuser of the brethren”?

But this time, he attacks Mr. Hepburn who is on vacation, for something I wrote.  That is what little cowards do.  Rando, Mr. Hepburn did not expose your own disagreements with the Governing Body…I did.  And I notice that you didn’t answer a single one of them.  But of course, what COULD Rando say?  It was all right there, well-documented, from his own words.  No denying what he himself wrote.    

In fact, it showed that Rando has a long history of disagreeing with the Governing Body, from day one of joining this forum. Rando has made numerous statements, and had numerous ideas, that conflict with the Governing Body.  

And yes, Rando disagrees with the Governing Body, NOW.  In fact, Rando has tried very hard NOT to comment on this fact, but I think I’ll just keep brining it up until he does, and that is the fact that Rando thinks the Governing Body is WRONG about Matthew 28:19.  He believes the WT Society got the translation WRONG, and is distributing a “bible” that is “tainted”.   This verse reads in the New World Translation, sanctioned by the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses….

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name OF THE FATHER AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT”

Yep, that’s Rando’s own “Bible”.  And Rando calls it a “Trinitarian phrase”…lol.  

So, we see that Scholar Rando thinks he knows more than the GB, and that he is right, and they are wrong.  Glad to see he is so “sad” about Mr. Hepburn, though.

Rando, could you show us in the Scriptures, where Michael, Gabriel, and Abaddon are the 3 angels that appeared to Abraham, and also show that Michael and Abaddon are separate beings, when the GB teaches they are the same Person?

Could you tell us about how you might go to Heaven, and not be part of the 144,000, since that IS what you said, and is contrary to what the Governing Body teaches?  

I notice you didn’t actually address any of the documented quotes from your own words, but instead, you took the coward’s way out, and attacked Mr. Hepburn.  Well, I wrote it.  Why don’t you address it, and prove that I am in error about what you said? So, you attack a fellow Witness, instead?

Actually, assuming Allan isn’t another one of your aliases (which at this time, I don’t think he is), why didn’t you address his points?  Funny, we didn’t see any question from him to you, so I guess we can safely assume you “rejected” it, like usual.  But the fact remains, you WERE exposed as hypocritical, when you act like agreeing with the GB on everything is so vital, and YOU YOURSELF sit right here in this forum, arguing with them.

Not only do you disagree with the GB on their translation of Matthew 28:19, in the NWT, but you also disagree with  Since you didn’t address this point either, I will mention it again.

At, we find this statement regarding baptism….

JW.ORG:  “Jesus said that his disciples would be baptized “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit.” (Matthew 28:19) This means that a baptism candidate recognizes the authority of Jehovah God and of Jesus Christ. (Psalm 83:18; Matthew 28:18) He also recognizes the function and activity of God’s holy spirit, or active force.”[search_id]=5a4a8162-8c39-40b0-a42e-59cfc894ff9b&insight[search_result_index]=14

But Rando says….“JESUS NEVER SAID ANY SUCH THING!! This verse has been altered!!”

So, who is correct?  Rando, or the Governing Body?

What’s interesting, is that Eddie and Ms. T also act like Mr. Hepburn saying something about the GB, is just the most awful thing in the world.  But I wrote to Eddie directly about Rando openly disagreeing with the GB and the NWT, and a questioner wrote to Ms. T about it, as well, and both of them are afraid to cross Rando….even at the expense of THEMSELVES, having to disagree with the GB, in order to remain on Rando’s good side.  Getting those 2 to answer a straight question, is about like trying to eat Jello-O with chopsticks, anyway.

But their hypocrisy is obvious...They themselves throw the GB and their own NWT under the bus, all so as to not upset Rando's sensitivities, yet they act like Mr. Hepburn is some kind of "apostate", because he agrees with ALL JW doctrine, but thinks the GB may be a little too powerful.  

"Hypocrisy" is an understatement.

Oh, and this was a quite interesting statement….

RANDO:  “You want me to "shut up" then come make me.”

Wow, I know I’m impressed.  I mean, what’s more intimidating and tough sounding, than a challenge to “come make me shut up”, from a guy who HIDES beyond anonymity, and doesn’t even give his own location?  I’m sure everyone else was frightened by this challenge, as well.

Hey Rando, instead of attacking Mr. Hepburn in his absence, like the coward that you are….How about addressing the issues here, of your OWN disagreements with the Governing Body?

I think there are some readers who might like to hear what you have to say.

Or, if you don’t wish to address the real issue, you could always go write yourself another letter of “encouragement”, or make up some more lies about the Trinity, and post those.  I'm sure that will make everyone forget that you were exposed in your own hypocrisy....yet again.  

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