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Is it true that Abdijah has been secretly communicating with Derrick Holland?

I do not like asking questions of myself, but this is a point that must be addressed.

This is in response to a "question" asked by "Danny" of Eddie G:

No it is not true that I have been secretly communicating with Derrick Holland, as can be seen by the fact that "Danny" was able to post it. What would motivate a person to make such an assertion unless they want to cause division?

Derrick did post a follow up on one of my responses, which I ran across by accident, so I did send him a private “question” just to thank him for his comments, and also inquire if he knew how to find follow-up posts without re-reading every post, and he told me how I could do that. I kept it marked “private” because it was unrelated to the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the teachings of the Bible in general, and would be of no interest to anyone except those faultfinders who like to cause trouble.

I am very well aware that he is a very outspoken critic of our beliefs, so am I supposed to communicate with only those people who share my beliefs? There are many critics out there, but I would rather deal with them than with those who secretly try to slip in and cause divisions.

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