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Do you and your Jehovah Witness Brothers and sisters believe in confessing with your mouth and believe that God has raised Jesus from the dead? Confession is made unto salvation

      Absolutely , We preach Or Teach that Jehovah Sent his Son to be a ransom sacrifice that would clear the way for man kind to regain what Adam lost when he rebelled against Jehovah .
Adam was Perfect and could have Lived forever right there in the garden of Eden .He was instructed to " become many " and fill the Earth.If he had not messed up, The Earth would now be a paradise , People could live forever as it was meant to be.  

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Elbert Spears


I have been a student of the Bible since 1974 and a witness for 18 Years.I do not wish to be considered an Expert in this category because I, like everyone else will never cease to learn.However answering questions is here is very enjoyable ,Even though some continue trying to discredit me and my Brothers and Sisters. May Jehovah continue to his lovibg support .


With many years of bible study as a foundation, I enjoy aswering any question that applies to the bible. I like intelligent questions that require sincere answers.I can not answer silly questions.

34 years of Bible Study

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