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I have taken psychology courses in college and would like to give my opinion about an Expert named Derrick Holland. I believe this person displays traits of an Abuser on numerous occasions.

Here's what we can look for in someone who displays these traits of being a Potential Abuser.

(Threats of violence or abuse)- Threats can involve anything that is meant to control the victim.

(Controlling behavior)- An abuser will claim that controlling behavior is out of concern for the victim's welfare. They will be angry if the victim is late and will frequently interrogate the victim.

(Isolation)- The abuser will attempt to diminish and destroy the victim's support system.

(Blames others for problems)- Abusers will rarely admit to the part they play in causing a problem.

(Blames others for their feelings)- An abuser will tell the victim, "I hurt you because you made me mad," or "You're hurting me when you don't do what I ask." Blaming the victim is a way of manipulating them and avoiding any responsibility.

(Hypersensitivity)- An abuser can be easily insulted. The slightest setbacks are seen as personal attacks.

(Jekyll-and-Hyde personality)- Explosiveness and mood swings are typical of abusers, and these behaviors are related to other traits such as hypersensitivity.

These traits can be found at

Can you share any scriptures in relating to such actions for the forum? Derrick Holland seems to be someone who has anger issues and bouts of uncontrollable rage.

Take Care.

Hi Danny,

Thanks for writing.

You know what, your observations are very uncanny. In fact I've seen the traits you've describe about Mr. Holland.

In fact he thinks that he's the one running this forum. He thinks he has the final say on every post. And if you don't play the way he wants you to play his "game", he gets very upset and starts sending you letters threatening you, warning you of ramifications of your action. If you ignore him, he gets more upset. I've seen it.

He also likes to control other people by patting them in the back - so to speak. For example, if you agree with what he says, you're a winner in his book. But contradict what he says, watch out, he will go after you with vengeance like a wild dog.

Also, when you catch him in a lie, he does this very clever way of of twisting your words and makes it appear that you're the one who has no clue of what your talking about. He's very slick at this game. I've seen it.

Here's an example:

Base on a letter I just received and rejected.

He said:

<>"Oh, and by the way, why did you LIE, and claim that I “challenged you to a debate” on Hell?  Eddie, with every writing you post, you show extreme ignorance and a complete inability to get ANYTHING factually correct." <>>

Yet this is what he said in another letter to me: a challenge to debate hell.

He said:

<<>>"Now, I will be happy to debate you on the Scriptural nature on the doctrine of Hell, if you would like.  I don’t think you will do it, though.  Not if you’re smart, anyway.

But that’s not the point.  You stated that I defame Jehovah, and deny Jesus when its convenient.  If this were the case, then a quote to this effect, should not be hard to produce.

What you are using here, is ridiculous.  Its obvious that you don’t understand the teaching about Hell, for the 3 Scriptures you quoted about Jehovah doing right, have nothing to do with the issue.  You don’t get to tell Jehovah what is right.  He tells you.  And nobody said He puts the righteous in Hell.  Are you out of your mind?  We believe that Hell IS a just punishment for those who mock and reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ."<<>>

<>>"...why did you LIE, and claim that I “challenged you to a debate” on Hell?"<<>>

Now, how do you respond to that when it's so clear what he said? Slick indeed!

This reminds me of this scripture:

“Do not answer the stupid one according to his foolishness, So that you do not put yourself on his level.  5 Answer the stupid one according to his foolishness, So that he does not think he is wise.” (Proverbs 26:4, 5)  

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