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Most of what has posted in response to my address to "Joseph", is so ridiculous, I'm not even going to bother with but a few things.  

Basically, the same old stuff....Just a lot more of it.

Just a brief and general address to a couple of things, by various people…Nothing major, because there has been nothing worth addressing in any detail.  And much truth has been spoken by 2 Witness experts, who have shown a good example as to how to handle a disagreement, without personal attacks.

But the several posts that were made as an attack against me, are basically the same as always....A lot of false accusations by people who are proven to lie, time and again.  No proof or evidence offered….Just the same old material.  I am going to address just a few things.  

So, first to Danny…

Danny, I notice you are doing a bit of complaining about my being “on vacation”, but still getting questions.  In fact, that is not true.  I received not one outside question, while on vacation.  I did write to myself a few times, with some info about Rando’s twisting of Matthew 28:19.  That post is coming, when I get it completed.  

But what you are failing to say here, is that I took myself OFF vacation, primarily so YOU could write to me.  And you didn’t, by the way.  I saw where you were bragging to Rando how you tried to write me, but there was “no question link” (like you don’t already know that, but hey, I’m just glad you and Eddie have gotten things patched up).

Well, when I see someone bragging about wanting to write me, I was prompted to remove myself for 3 days, to give YOU the opportunity to write me.  You seemed to be itching to do so, and I didn’t want to deny you.  I also used the 3 days to appeal to Marie to write me, as well.

But strange….I take myself off vacation so you can write me, but nothing.  Marie wrote me, but you did not.  Know what I think, Danny?  I don’t think you wanted to write me, after all.    So, I put myself back on vacation, when Marie wrote me, and it was obvious that you weren’t going to.

What was it, exactly, that you were wanting to talk with me about?  I’m here now….

Like I told you before, come armed with facts, and real quotes…Not your distorted “paraphrases“.

Now, some more of your postings….

DANNY:  “You know what amazes me, is how DH has been on vacation and seems to be able to receive questions from questioners and also create an avalanche of chaos on the this forum. I think we all know DH is typing away feverishly and never been busier!”

Here's the trail DH is leaving:

All three links are full of critical complaining how Non Witness deserve to be on a forum that has Jehovah's Name on it!

THREE links, Danny Boy?  Actually, there are TWO.  Did you just not realize the last 2, are the EXACT SAME link?  Sigh….

Briefly to respond to that one….The first one is not from me, the last one (listed twice), is.  And as I pointed out to Ms. T, who was also amazed that a person on vacation can still write questions….it IS quite easy to do.  Being “on vacation” only means you don’t GET questions….It doesn’t prevent you from asking them.  But you already know that, don’t you, “Danny” from the UK?  

DANNY:  Now look at this, and all of this happening while DH is on supposed to be on vacation.

Well, the link you previously listed twice, you listed AGAIN….Using the same link 3 times, does not constitute 3 separate postings, Danny.  Try to be more careful next time.  Its hard to type and get facts straight, when you’re flustered.

So to briefly respond to this last set of links….The first one is a repeat of the last 2 from the previous list, and I wrote that question to Ed.  

The 2nd one is from “Joseph”, not me.  

The 3rd one is from Mr Hepburn to “Joseph”, and exactly what that has to do with my being on vacation, is more about something that is going on inside of your head, than anything here in reality.  Mr. Hepburn can still write questions and posts, while I am on vacation.  My status has nothing to do with his ability to write posts.

The 4th one is not from me…Its from Marie.  Saying that I’m Marie a thousand times, does not make me Marie.  Sorry.  And the title of it, "Welcome Back", should give you at least a clue, that she sent this when I was BACK from vacation, during those 3 days when I came back, so that YOU, Danny Boy, could write to me.  That really is not hard to figure out.

Marie never sent me one question, when I was on vacation.  In fact, I believe she stated that was her reason for writing to Mr. Hepburn about the sorry conduct of Rando and Ms. T....because I was gone.

So, what does ANY of this, have to do with my being on vacation, exactly?  I fail to see the connection.

Then, this from DANNY:"(quoting me) After reading the attempt by “Joseph” to cause strife in the forum, and since my name was once again brought into his attempt , then I have decided to weigh in with some observations of my own."

I never saw ANYONE mention Derrick Holland about this Matter?”

You never saw ANYONE mention my name?  That doesn’t really surprise me, Danny…Since you are also the person who couldn’t find his own writing to me in the forum, claiming it “didn’t post”, when it certainly DID, and it was right there under your nose.

You were wrong about that, and you are wrong about this.  Not that it matters about my name being mentioned, but since you have brought up my comment in that regard, my name certainly WAS mentioned in “Joseph”’s writing to Ms. T.  He stated that Mr. Hepburn was recommended by Ms. T, Richard, and DERRICK HOLLAND (that’s my name, isn’t it?).

Here, I’ll give you the quote.  And note, Danny Boy, this is NOT a “paraphrase”.   It is a QUOTE, from this link….  

“JOSEPH”:  “I see that there are three experts that recommend Brenton Hepburn for questions. The three experts are you Sister T, Derrick Holland, and Richard.”

And another QUOTE….

“I see why derrick and richard recommend Brenton Hepburn but I am confused that you would recommend a former Critic Volunteer.”

Now, do you really want to come back on here, and say my name wasn’t mentioned by anyone?  Especially since it was THAT writing that prompted me to write, and mention about my name being brought up.  And it was that latter comment, coupled with the fact of Mr. Hepburn being unjustly slandered, that prompted me to write a response in the first place.  This guy claims he “sees why” Mr. Hepburn would be recommended by me and Richard, when in fact, he had no clue why we recommend Mr. Hepburn.

And I DID address that very point in my post, if you noticed, Danny Boy.

That’s twice now that you have publicly stated something isn’t in the forum, when it is.  I can think of another former "Expert" here, who often did that same thing....Claim something wasn't "answered", or posted, when it was.  

I highly recommend you find a good eye doctor there in the UK, and make an appointment ASAP.  Its probably something that can be corrected.

Like right here.  Another quote, that amazes me how someone can write this, and not see the blatant contradiction right in front of them.

I quote…“He writes, "After reading the attempt by “Joseph” to cause strife in the forum, and since my name was once again brought into his attempt , then I have decided to weigh in with some observations of my own."

WHAT???? Brother Eddie never mentioned Derrick Holland. Sister T never mentioned Derrick Holland. Brother Rando never mentioned Derrick Holland. Brother Hepburn never mentioned Derrick Holland.”

This was quite a weak attempt at a “bait and switch”.  Let’s play a little question and answer game….

1.  In my statement that you just quoted, WHO did I say was “attempting to cause strife in the forum?”….Was it...

 A)“Brother Eddie”
 B)“Sister T”
 C)“Brother Rando”
 D)“Brenton Hepburn”



2.  Who does the word “HIS” , in reference to the person attempting to cause strife (“HIS ATTEMPT” ), refer to?  Is it….

 A) “Brother Eddie”
 B)  “Sister T”
 C)  “Brother Rando”
 D)  “Brenton Hepburn”


 E)  “Joseph”?

Now, if you can figure out the answer to the above questions, then what is up with this statement?

“WHAT???? Brother Eddie never mentioned Derrick Holland. Sister T never mentioned Derrick Holland. Brother Rando never mentioned Derrick Holland. Brother Hepburn never mentioned Derrick Holland.”

Who said they did?  And why do you try to twist something so easy to prove, when my very statement says it was “JOSEPH” that I was replying to, and who used my name in “HIS ATTEMPT” to cause strife?

Why would you quote the very statement from me, that contradicts your own next paragraph?

YOU:  “Why does Derrick Holland claim "since my name was once again brought into his attempt " then eluding it was one of the JW's and falsely claim his NAME was brought into it? I NEVER seen such a HUGE HYPOCRITE!”

Now, don’t you feel a little ridiculous, after seeing that I said it was “JOSEPH” whom I was responding to?   

Seriously, Dude….The eye doctor.  I just can’t emphasize that enough.

Now, to Rando….

RANDO:“AS Derrick Holland was on vacation he's been very very busy in harassing JW Experts, writing several under personal attacks "Joseph", Marie", "Helen", "Linda"?

As you, and even your own beloved Ms. T knows well, I am certainly not “Helen” or “Linda”.  Would you post your proof/evidence, here and now, for this claim of yours?  Go ahead, Rando.  Show us what you got.

You’re so fond of screen shots and everything, SURELY you can tell the board where your questions from “Joseph” and “Marie” originated from?  Can’t you?  Now, tell them again where I write you from?  Or explain this magical talent you claim I have, of altering my location, which you couldn’t even explain when I asked you how you though it was possible.  I believe you rejected that one, too, didn’t you?

But hey…Post a screen shot of those questions, and show us how it is me.  I mean, you’ve only been posting that nonsense since 2007.  Don’t you have any new lies to tell?  Why do you post this, when everybody and their brother, and his dog, knows that YOU use aliases to write to YOURSELF?

Seriously….get some new material.  You look seriously ridiculous, by making this same false accusation every single week.

RANDO:  “Am I "Joseph"? Nope!“

Well, if Rando says he isn’t, then it must be true.  Cause Rando wouldn’t lie.  Let’s put it this way….either you ARE “Joseph”, or he’s an acquaintance of yours.  Too coincidental that he just appears out of nowhere, right after you were publicly humiliated.  Hey, for all we know, “Joseph” might even be your real name.  You have tried to remain anonymous all these years, so you would be undetected.  Or, it could be an alias.  But I guarantee you are connected with it in some way.  Several things give it away.  You want to talk about them?  

RANDO:  “Matter of fact, I think you are!’

Ha, ha…Good try.  But this statement indicates, beyond any other, that you are either “Joseph”, or you know him.  Because if not, then “Joseph” himself will take exception to your accusing him of being me.  I doubt he is any happier about that, than I am.  If “Joseph” is in no way connected with you, then he will respond to that comment of yours.  

In fact, I don’t think you would make that comment, unless you already KNOW who “Joseph” is.  Why would you defame a fellow JW, who writes and attacks me, and acts just like you?  You wouldn’t.  You just gave yourself away, Big Guy.

Also, your noticeable “change” in approach, is quite telling.  You yourself have publicly blasted Mr. Hepburn, accusing him of all sorts of wicked things, but now all of a sudden, you don’t want to “get involved”.  You want “Joseph” to handle this in Private.  

Always trying to make yourself look good, eh Rando?  Like you told Christaras that you didn’t want him stalking me on the internet, yet you posted what he sent you about my personal information, when you should have rejected it.  Kind of like you want to wash your own hands of it, but you let it post, anyway, because deep down…you want it there.

Same thing here.  I’m not buying your defense of Mr. Hepburn, because you do what suits Rando…nothing else.  I’ve just had too many dealings with you, to not know better.

But again…”Joseph” didn’t just show up out of nowhere, making all sorts of ridiculous and false accusations against Brenton, for no good reason at all.  You have a really wicked heart, to try and seek “revenge” on your spiritual brother, because he spoke the truth about your conduct.

RANDO:  “Also, this "Joseph" seems to have a "beef" with Experts who claim to answer questions but then reject questions. Only two Experts on here rejected him YOU and Brother Hepburn.”

Let me get this straight….Earlier in this same writing, I supposedly AM “Joseph”.  But now, at the end of it, I am one of only 2 experts who have REJECTED “Joseph”?  Rando, that was about as brilliant as your saying that Jay was Linda, and then saying Jay got schooled by Linda, and was upset about “schooling themselves”.

Just calm down…Its hard to type when you’re upset.  You make no sense.

RANDO:  “He was attacking or should I say "harassing" Sister "T" under the alias of "Linda". Then he writes Brother Hepburn under the alias of "Marie".

Wrong, on both counts.  But I assume you have some evidence of this, that you’re willing to share with the rest of us?  I’m quite certain if you did, that you would.  

I’m predicting you won’t…Because you have none, and you know you’re lying.  

What will be interesting to watch, is if Ms. T will correct you, as she herself knows that I am not Linda.  

But again, why not post screen shots, if you have some evidence that I am Marie or “Joseph”?  I’d love to see it.  

You forget, Rando….Both of them have written me, as well, so I know where their questions originate from.  And so do you.  So, give up that lie.  I’m not going to let you get away with that one.  

Post your proof, if you have it.  Your refusal to do so, will prove to this board that you’re just telling the same old lie….again.  And your 2 fellow Witnesses who have no problem with lying, will say nothing, and will continue to defend you and claim it is US who are lying.  Nothing new.  Same old predictable stuff.  But no matter….Because everyone will see another false accusation from you, with no substance.

Is this your idea of “defending Jehovah’s sovereignty?”  Just wondering.

At any rate, Rando is merely trying to "wash his hands" of this "Joseph" thing, by trying to now pretend that it was me behind it.  Yeah right, Rando.  Listen, you tried to be deceptive, and you got caught.  

What has happened here, is very telling.  Those like Rando, Eddie, and Ms. T, have tried to paint me as some sub-human, evil, and wicked-hearted demon, who hates Jehovah's Witnesses.  But by my saying that I respect Mr. Hepburn and a few others, and by saying something when he was being attacked unjustly, just doesn't fit in with the image they NEED to create about me and the non-Witnesses here.  So, what better way to try and slander me some more, than to LIE and claim that I am both defending Mr. Hepburn as Derrick, and attacking him as "Joseph".  That way, this whole debacle can simply be blamed on me.  Not going to happen, Rando.

He is scared to death that I might be perceived as a fair-minded and decent person, who really doesn't "hate" Jehovah's Witnesses at all, and can actually get along with DECENT and HONEST ones.  

Give it up, Rando.  If you think that one is going to work, you are sadly mistaken.  What's it like to look in the mirror, and know what kind of person you are?  We both know who is behind this "Joseph" character, don't we?

I am willing to bet that Mr. Hepburn knows that I am not "Joseph"...He's an intelligent man.  I'm not even worried about that one.  Why make yourself such a laughing stock, with nonsense like that?  

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