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Good day Eddie.

I noticed your rebuttal to Derrick today in which it seems you chose to characterize me as gullible and desperate. You also made mention of my imagination and wanting to believe anything. Although you spoke a lot of "style" of writing, which proves nothing, I noticed you never addressed the question I initially posed to you of the verbatim use of words I had written to you that are then used by a "brother". I did not "imagine" this use of words. It is right there for all to see and I will repost our correspondence below. As you can see in my original question to you, I did not accuse you, I found it suspicious and asked you a few questions surrounding it. At the time these were the only possibilities I could think of. Of course you chose not to answer any of them, rather you tried to make the issue about me. Could you simply clear that up rather than deflect. Is that too much to ask?. It was my intention to "drop it" however you saw fit to yourself throw out accusations in your rebuttal.
I would desperately like to see, as I've mentioned, a modicum of civility and this forum be about answering questions on the JW beliefs etc. But that is just my hope and I realize I have no control over that.

I sincerely hope and wish for you all the best.


Your Question was:

QUESTION: Hello Eddie.

I am not sure what games you are playing but it sure is suspicious what I saw you post today.
I wrote you yesterday and you did not have the courtesy to respond to questions asked or the matters brought up. Instead, you responded with "You are very welcome". As I am sure you know, and I have found out, short unrelated answers are done so the thread does not show up in the forum. And it didn't today. Yet practically word for word a section of my post was magically written to you by a supposed reader. Now how did the "brother" get a hold of or happen to write you those exact same words that were not made public before this morning? Did you write yourself? Or, did you provide it to a "brother" so they could in turn write you a question from a "reader". You sir, rather than being an example of commendable form, are providing further evidence of wolf like and unchristian behaviour that others in the forum have pointed out. I will pray for you and others that rather than stick to reasoning from the scriptures and answering legitimate questions, seem to feel it necessary to stoop to low levels not befitting someone who considers themselves a Christian.


ANSWER: So who are you flip Philip? Are you a protegee of Mr. Holland? Makes me wonder - talk about integrity.

"befitting someone who considers themselves a Christian." very interesting at the same time enlightening.

My antennae are up.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Nice way to flip it back to me instead of answering the question(s). Talk about diversion and obfuscation.
I am not a protégé of anyone. I simply would like to see a modicum of honesty and answering of relevant questions which I believe is the purpose of the forum.

I'm don't care whether one is JW or not. I do not condone behaviour I find unchristian. And will question doctrine or behaviour regardless of which christian denomination. And I certainly try to do so with a modicum of respect without calling people names. Can you do that? Or substantiate accusations of what you claim others teach or have done?
I would hope you could find it in yourself to act and treat others as we are encouraged by scripture regardless of the actions of others.
If you will check your records you will see I have written you in the past with encouragement regarding certain topics and how they were being handled at the time. Was I a protégé of yours then? I would say not. You however are welcomed to your opinion.
I am not sure what your antennae have to do with anything.

None the less, I thank you for at least providing a response albeit diversionary and marred with personal attacks.

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.


Following is the reason:

Okay then. You made your point and had your opinion. But reporting to Mr. Holland after a "your welcome" confirmed my suspicion. That was the reason why I didn't answer, trying to find out who you are - hence my antennae was up. So why the need to report to a known Critic of JWs - I dunno unless...? You blew your cover Philip. In any case, let's just drop it here.

Expert: Eddie Goody

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"Although you spoke a lot of "style" of writing, which proves nothing"

But it does. It shows my style of writing is not the same as the questioner's. Try as I may, I will never match his writing style for the simple reason that I'm not wired that way.

I wish I could write that way, but I can't and I'm afraid it'll be for a while.

And since, you can't prove that the writing (by the questioner) is my writing style, thus you're only recourse to use the VERBATIM words used by the questioner to prove that I wrote it.

But this will now put you in a bind because if you say that someone I "had conversation with" sent the question to me VERBATIM, then how or why in the world will I send the question to myself as another person?

Know what I mean?

But the fact is, I didn't send the question to myself as another person.

That's all to it. You, Chris and Mr. Holland can twist and turn in the wind all you want, it'll never change the fact that:

1. The writing style is not mine but the questioner's alone. Unless of course you can prove it was mine. But good luck with that because the facts will contradict you as I've already shown.

2. I didn't send the question to myself pretending to be another person (as backed up by fact #1 above).

Of course you can keep believing that I did, which is fine with me. This way you'll keep guessing where questions are coming from. Which in turn will keep you wondering how I did it - two types of writing styles.


Anymore question?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks. I am not twisting anything I simply asked questions.  I will accept your your statements.

Just one other question which was asked in my original email.
Did you forward any part of my question/correspondence to you to anyone else that day. As I hope you can appreciate, it is puzzling to me that someone apparently got a hold of elements if not all my correspondence to you and then proceeded to use it in a question to you. I would simply like to get an understanding how that happened when nothing was published till the next day.

Thanks for responding.


As far as ALllExperts is concerned, I don't know how things gets posted. I have some of mine that didn't post right away until the 2nd day day. And some posted right away the following day.

I guess it depends on their server which one gets released.

As for someone getting hold of your correspondence, why does this matter? If the question got posted after yours got posted, does it matter? Why does it matter what I do with questions sent to me - especially Public ones?

I guess I'll just have to leave this to you to figure it out.  

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