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Hello Derrick.
After reading a post today I felt it necessary to write the attached to the "expert". I guess the response is now just the usual M.O. Just wanted to pass on.

Btw... I have made this private, however, if in in the interest of "holding their feet to the fire", you find it helpful, you may make reference to this correspondence.


Your question was

Hello Eddie,

I just read your response to the thread titled "Jesus went to Sheol?"
I noticed you posted links to what Richard says or believes. Unless I missed it, you did not do so for your statements about what Derrick believes/teaches. Could you provide appropriate links so readers can evaluate the arguments/teachings appropriately.
This is not meant meant to be contentious, however it struck me that one should be careful about accusing especially using scriptures (Matt 7:5). I noticed you quoted (Matt 15:8,9) suggesting those you mentioned are guilty. Logic would suggest that if new light is preached that is contrary to what was preached before then certainly either before or after the change/correction/new light that that/those individual(s) was/were teaching commands of men. Would you not agree? In particular when see words like "we thought" used to explain the reason for the change.


You are very welcome.

Expert: Eddie Garcia

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Good evening, Phillip.

You know, I noticed the very same thing.  This is an issue I have had with Eddie several times recently, as you well know....Him claiming something as my belief, but unable to provide a single reference to it.

The fact is, Eddie could not even address my beliefs at all, if it weren't for twisting and distorting them.  As everyone saw the other week, when he posted several things that I supposedly "said" and "teach", but when repeatedly asked for the reference, could only say "No quote" .  

But it seems he never learns, as I read this statement this morning....

EDDIE:  "One says (i.e. DH) Jesus and the Evildoer never died but went to Heaven that same day.

(BTW, Brother, do you know that even Heaven is very confusing when you asked what they mean by it? Some will say the thief went to "Paradise" somewhere in between 3rd or 1st heaven" - whatever)

See what I mean?  His claiming that I teach that the thief on the cross went to Heaven the very day that he died?  Completely false.  And Eddie knows it.  He simply has to lie, in order to even make a point.  In fact, I said only DAYS ago in fact, that before Jesus' death and resurrection, the door to Heaven had not been opened.  I also clearly stated, and gave Scripture from Hebrews chapter 11, that servants of God in the Old Testament (Covenant) were saved by placing faith in the promise of the coming Messiah, and by following God and trusting in the promises they had during that day, but that they did not immediately go to Heaven at death.  And as Jesus had not died and resurrected from the dead when He was assuring the thief on the cross, then the thief was still under the Old Covenant.  

And Eddie comes back with...."DH says the evildoer went to Heaven that same day"

Eddie really shows his ignorance and his far-below-elementary level understanding, of our beliefs.  You know, Phillip, I respect the fact that you may not agree with everything that I believe, but I also respect the fact that you desire to see honesty and truth being told.  All Richard and I have ever asked, is that they UNDERSTAND what our teaching is before they yap about it, and that they present it correctly in any rebuttal they offer.

Why anyone calling themselves "Christian" would refuse to at least be honest, is a mystery in and of itself.  

That's what I mean about Eddie....He gets nothing right.  Nothing.  He doesn't even care to.  If it weren't for distortions and misquotes, he would have nothing to say.

I appreciate the fact that you are honest enough to call him on the fact that he continually refuses to reference any actual statements of mine, when claiming to tell us what I believe.

And the fact that he REJECTED your simple request to provide those quotes, reminds me of all the rejections he sent to my asking him for the same thing, just a few short weeks ago.

An honest man WITH actual quotes, will be happy to provide them.  A dishonest man with no quotes, will reject your question if you ask for them.  Its just that simple.

Truthfully, I would like to reference this writing, but even better, would be if you allowed me to make it public.  Not for the purpose of continuing an argument with him, and my answer would be short.  But merely to let readers see that he rejects any and all attempts, to get him to explain his carelessness in quoting.  

Its no problem, though.  I will be answering Eddie's comments on this topic.  I won't be able to today, but hopefully tomorrow or Thursday.

I just want to make sure I understand what you're saying.  By saying I can reference it, you're not saying I can make it public, but rather, that I can mention the content of it?  I want to respect your wishes, either way.

Thanks, and take care.


NOTE:  Thank you, Phillip, for writing me a follow up and allowing me to make this writing public.  I have revised this from my original answer somewhat, in that I wanted to add some comments about Eddie's poor quoting habits, and also to keep the comments I made to you about my correspondence with another expert, from being seen, as I am not sure if that expert would want that publicly known, until I have the chance to ask them.  But again, thank you for allowing me to post this.  

It needs to be seen that Eddie, once again, has been called out for his irresponsible referencing of my "beliefs", and yet again, rejects an honest attempt to get any documentation at all for it.  An honest man who had quotes, would provide them.  A dishonest man who doesn't, will reject your question.  

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