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Reposting this in case the other will not show up.

From Kevin:

QUESTION: Hello Eddie.

I don't think you answered my questions.
What evidence  is there that Jesus  came to inspect the religions  in 1918 and chose the jws?

Why did Charles  Russell and Joseph Rutherford  for that matter, think Jesus was to be worshipped?

Here's a quote from the watchtower

"It seems clear that His Divinity was retained in humanity because He repeatedly spoke of Himself as having come down from heaven, and because He, though passing through trial and sorrow as a man, was yet possessed of the authority and exercised the prerogatives of a God. He was the object of unreproved worship even when a babe, by the wise men who came to see the new-born King. Matt. 2:2-11. Even the angels delighted to do Him honor. "When He bringeth the first-begotten into the world, He saith, "And let all the angels of God worship Him." Heb. 1:6. He never reproved any one for acts of worship offered to Himself, but when Cornelius offered such service to Peter--the leading apostle-- "he took him up, saying, stand up; I myself also am a man." .... Had Christ not been more than a man the same reason would have prevented from receiving worship...." Zion's Watch Tower1880 Oct pp.2-3

Thanks Kevin for providing the information. Yes your correct. There was a time when they believed that it was proper to "worship Jesus". But as they started understanding the true meaning of "worship" (proskuneō) of Jesus, they changed their belief and thinking. They admitted they were wrong offering worship to a "creature" instead of the Creator Jehovah God.

In fact as the years went by, they found that they have to make many changes to get rid of any influence from   "babylonish teachings", worldly thinking and worldly ways. Some of these is the celebration of birthdays, celebration of Christmas, wearing of crosses, participating in politics, smoking, dress codes, music, speech, worldly association, blood transfusion, etc.

In any case, you seem to have many of our publications, especially the old ones. Good for you as you can refer to them. But make sure not to forget the latest because the information contained in the old ones are no longer valid as "new light" get's revealed.  Much like using an old map is useful for something, like historical records, using it though might give you the wrong information. Hence always refer to the latest publications in order to stay current.

And that's where I usually get into trouble, when going back to or referring to old information. If you're not fully aware of historical records, you might give the wrong info.

But like I said, historical records.I can give you a list of all the changes made but I think you're already know them as I found several websites (jwfacts,etc) saying exactly what you're saying. You must be a frequent visitor to these websites moderated by critics and apostates alike. That's why you have these info.

So I guess, next time you write back, I'll make sure to double check it.

In any case, many changes are needed to progress in the truth, otherwise there's no progress like what we see in Christendom. They are stuck in the past as they hold on traditions of men. Man's thinking is flawed hence it needs to adjusted to the truth as the truth never change. Many wonderful things take place when one allow for change. Especially when it comes to the truth that is found in the Word of God. On this we're 100% sure we will see more or less changes and we will be glad to adjust to it with complete heart!!! Count on it.

As to your question.

What evidence  is there that Jesus  came to inspect the religions  in 1918 and chose the jws?

One that I can think of right away is war. That is, while the world was embroiled in WWI, the small group of Bible Students were organized to spread the Kingdom Message.

*** w07 4/1 p. 22 pars. 4-5 Loyal to Christ and His Faithful Slave ***

The prophecy of Malachi foretold that Jehovah, “the true Lord,” accompanied by his “messenger of the covenant,” his newly enthroned Son, Christ Jesus, would come in judgment to inspect His “temple,” or spiritual house of worship. “The appointed time” for the ‘judgment of the house of God’ to begin evidently arrived in 1918. (Malachi 3:1; 1 Peter 4:17) Those claiming to represent God and his true worship on earth were duly examined. The churches of Christendom, who for centuries had taught God-dishonoring doctrines and had been heavily involved in the massacre of World War I, were rejected. A faithful remnant of spirit-anointed Christians were tested, refined as with fire, and approved, becoming to Jehovah “people presenting a gift offering in righteousness.”—Malachi 3:3.

5 In line with Malachi’s prophecy, the composite sign that Jesus gave his disciples to enable them to recognize the time of his “presence and of the conclusion of the system of things” included the identification of a collective “slave.” Jesus stated: “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time? Happy is that slave if his master on arriving finds him doing so. Truly I say to you, He will appoint him over all his belongings.” (Matthew 24:3, 45-47) “On arriving” to inspect the “slave” in 1918, Christ found a spirit-anointed remnant of faithful disciples who since 1879 had been using this journal and other Bible-based publications to provide spiritual “food at the proper time.” ###"

*** km 9/06 p. 3 Adjustments for the Book Revelation—Its Grand Climax At Hand! ***
Early in 1918 the Kingdom activity of Jehovah’s people met with great opposition. It was a time of testing earth wide, and fearful ones were sifted out. In May 1918 Christendom’s clergy instigated the imprisonment of officials of the Watch Tower Society, but nine months later these were released. Later, the false charges against them were dropped. From 1919 the organization of God’s people, tried and refined, moved zealously forward to proclaim Jehovah’s Kingdom by Christ Jesus as the hope for mankind.—Malachi 3:1-3.

Note "change":

 ### w13 7/15 p. 8 par. 18 “Tell Us, When Will These Things Be?” ***
"...Jesus’ arrival to appoint the faithful slave over all his belongings , mentioned at Matthew 24:46, 47, also applies to his future coming, during the great tribulation . Indeed, a consideration of Jesus’ prophecy in its entirety makes it clear that each of these eight references to his coming applies to the future time of judgment during the great tribulation."
I hope I answered your question, if not follow up.  

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