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Derrick wrote at 2015-02-14 13:52:26
This "questioner" wrote....

"If the KJV translators were inspired of God in their work, why did they NOT know it? Not only that, but is the King James Version the Bible Jesus apostles used during the first century????"

"Something for the 'SECT' of the Born-Again Baptist group to REALLY think about very deeply huh??!!"

No, its hard to think "deeply", about one of the most shallow and ridiculous questions ever written.  So, let me just clear up a few things, very quickly.

First, there is no indication that all of the Bible writers of the 66 Books which form our canon, knew at the time they were inspired or writing words which would later be incorporated into one Book, which we call The Bible.  However, we do not make the claim that the KJB translators were "inspired".  This is complete ignorance.  We believe they were LED by God to faithfully PRESERVE what was already inspired.  We believe their scholarly credentials far exceed those of Westcott, Hort, or many of the "authorities" today, who do not even hold to the complete inspiration or inerrancy of Scripture.  They were 47 of the most qualified men that the world has ever seen, and the were divided into sub-committees.  Each committee would perform their work of translation of a certain portion of Scripture, and then each portion was passed around and examined by the other committees.  It was quite an arduous process.

This is in stark contrast to the 5 men who originally translated the New World Translation, produced by the Watchtower Society, NONE of which had enough knowledge of the Biblical languages to even attempt such a task.  And their work shows it.  In fact, of the 5 men on the translation committee, only ONE of them had ANY training in any Biblical language, and that training only consisted of 2 years of Greek, at a state University.

And anyone who would ask if the KJB was used by Jesus and the Apostles, and then call that a "deep question", really, really, and I mean really, needs to start using their head.  That was a ridiculous question.  Of course it isn't....The KJB was translated from 1604-1611, and is an ENGLISH translation.  The Biblical languages are Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.  The King James Bible is a faithful and accurate preservation of what was inspired and recorded in the Biblical languages.  So yes, we believe the KJB is God's inspired Word.  But not because it was a separate work of inspiration, but because it is an inerrant PRESERVATION of what was first inspired.

So no, that was not a "deep question for thought".  In fact, it was sort of silly.  

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