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I have another story about my Baptist Co Worker. The other day he was telling me there was no Jehovah in the Hebrew scriptures. Later, when we were packing boxes for shipment, I asked if he believed in the literal translation of the bible. He said Of Course! Then I asked him, why isn't Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures?

Of course he had NO ANSWER, so I asked another question. Can you literally show me the trinity in any scripture? SILENCE! Why are these Baptist guys such hypocrites?

What do you say Brother Garcia?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for writing again (sorry for the late reply - been so busy).

Anyway, interesting that your co-worker said "there was no Jehovah in the Hebrew scriptures" because, there's Jehovah in there even in their favorite Bible the KJV. Maybe he meant there's no Jehovah in the Greek scriptures. But in any case, your point is quite clear. If there's no Jesus (his name written as Jesus) in the Hebrew scriptures, does it mean then that there's is no Jesus? Just like they claim that there's no Jehovah in the Greek scriptures, does this mean then there's no Jehovah?

I find it quite funny. They will always run into trouble when they interpret the Bible literally.

Just like their Trinity godhead. Since they can't show any scripture about it in both the Hebrew and Greek scriptures, does this mean then that there's no Trinity godhead?

Oh boy. What tangled web they like to spin and they always get caught in it.


Write again Richard.  

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