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Hello Derrick, Read your response to the person asking about Witness history. Your response was well done, and informative, though I am sure you will receive some form of criticism from your JW "friends" on this board. They always pick apart (thats being kind) what you have to say. The fact is, in their failed attempt in trying to make you look bad, they just make themselves look bad. They will NEVER get this. You have to have an open mind, and see things from an perspective that has not been tainted. They are too far gone. I always laugh when I read certain Witnesses responses here. Mrs. T accuses people of "not wanting to learn" when they ask challenging questions of her (ones that clearly show hypocrisy of their religion). I guess her idea of "learning" is just accepting what the WTS says is true. No brainwashing here! I also love when they deny Hell by saying  "No loving God would permit this" yet this same God allows parents to let their innocent child die when their is a medical procedure to save them!!!!! Who exactly came to this decision? The same people who thought vaccines and transplants were no good too????? This is why people do not take them seriously. Too much hypocrisy. This is what happens when you have men making up the rules based on what they think the scriptures mean. Its just crazy to me that people cant see this, and are so gullible. At least there are people like you Derrick, to set the record straight. I can almost guarantee that no one would be interested in becoming a Witness after reading what they say here on this particular forum. They actually do the opposite of what they intend, but, once again, they are blind to it. Take Care, and keep up the good work of telling the actual truth to all!   Rita

Well, hello Rita, my friend!  How are you?  I was wondering what had happened to you, as I haven't heard from you since before Christmas.  I hope you and your family are well, and keeping warm this winter.  

Thank you for your remarks about my answer to the person who asked about JW history.  It will probably ruffle some feathers, but was all factual.  I'll bet Rando doesn't try to argue with me about the 1874 thing

But hey, if they can find some inaccuracy in what was said, then I'm anxious to hear about it.  I'm not worried too much about that, though....We have seen how little these people, Eddie especially, even KNOW about their own history.  And if someone wants to know, they have the right to ask, and expect a thorough answer to their questions.  The non-JWs like Richard, Ben, and myself, will give people the facts that those like Rando, Eddie, and Ms. T, will never give them.  Its as simple as that.  And that is why they hate our presence here.

I love the constant accusations that I am answering questions "intended for Jehovah's Witnesses".  What a lie!  Any questioner to this board, can read the profiles and decide who their question is "intended" for.  I don't make anybody write to me.  They are free to if they wish, after reading my profile.  If not, they don't have to.  I think my profile is quite clear that I'm not a practicing JW, so if a person is "intending" their question to be FOR a JW, then they can ASK a JW.  If not, they can ask me, or any non-JW expert of their choosing.

You know what really bugs them, though?  Our answers are more honest and factual than theirs are.  

Yes, you mentioned the "failed attempt" to make me look bad.  They have really sunk to the bottom now, bringing my wife into it.  What did they think....That I was just going to let them get away with that one?  They're out of their minds.  They think they are pretty slick, writing questions in both mine, and her name, trying to harass other people.  Well, they're not getting by with that.  Like you said, everything they have tried, has FAILED.  So now, they're pulling out all the stops.  But in the process, Rando has shown his hand, yet again.  The guy lies so much, he has finally hung himself with his own rope.

You said...."I always laugh when I read certain Witnesses responses here. Mrs. T accuses people of "not wanting to learn" when they ask challenging questions of her (ones that clearly show hypocrisy of their religion). I guess her idea of "learning" is just accepting what the WTS says is true. No brainwashing here!"

You noticed that too, huh?  Yes Rita, if we really want to "learn", we should just be quiet, and accept whatever she tells us is matter how unscriptural or inaccurate it is.  And if you point out the obvious flaws, then you aren't "honest", and don't "want to learn the truth".  Its really pathetic.

With all this stuff that has now surfaced with Rando stalking my family on the internet and mentioning my wife and son's names on the forum, I was hoping Ms. T might chime in with another one of her posts, talking about MY "sick obsession" with them.  

Did you see where she just told Kevin that she might not respond to him any more, because she doesn't like the stuff he writes to his "little buddy" (me)?  I just love the maturity there.  I can't see telling any questioner that I will not respond to them, unless they stop writing Ms. T.  These people need to grow up.  If they can't defend their teachings from the Scripture, they should leave it to somebody who can.

But hey, its not just me they attack.  Have you noticed how they will turn on even THEIR OWN fellow JWs, if one or two happen to point out how unchristian they're acting?

You said something I fully agree with here....

" I can almost guarantee that no one would be interested in becoming a Witness after reading what they say here on this particular forum. They actually do the opposite of what they intend, but, once again, they are blind to it."

You are absolutely right, Rita.  They have literally made fools of themselves, and their religion a spectacle.  Even a JW expert here admitted it, and point out that if Rando would leave, this forum might be able to salvage itself.  I truly feel sorry for the intelligent JW who has integrity, and has to endure the foolishness from these clowns, and not be able to do anything to shut them up.  

And if someone decides they don't think the JWs (those 3 only ) act like Christians, well, its "Derrick's fault" for being here, and stumbling people.  Well, it isn't me who tries to tell people who they can, and can't write.

You said..."They always pick apart (thats being kind) what you have to say."

Yes, your terminology here is most generous.  It is more like they TWIST what I say.  Did you see the other day, where Rando actually omitted part of my quote where I was actually addressing something Eddie had said, but the liar removed the reference to Eddie, to make it appear I was making the statement?  That's the kind of lying phonies I am dealing with.

You gotta watch ole' Rando, because he likes to pull stunts like that.  They almost never quote anyone correctly.  If it weren't for lying, these guys couldn't even type.  That's all they have.

Rita, thank you so much for writing.  Its always great to hear from you, and read your encouraging words.  God bless, and take care.


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I was raised in the religion known as Jehovah`s Witnesses for 13 years. Since becoming a born-again Christian, I have researched extensively this religion, especially their doctrines and their history. I can answer questions about their doctrines from the perspective of Biblical Christianity. To be clear: Jehovahs Witnesses is the religion of my upbringing, though I myself was never baptized into the religion, nor have I ever been considered as a Jehovahs Witness.


29 years of Biblical research into the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith, and how they differ from the teachings of the Watchtower.

I would advise each questioner to this forum, to carefully READ the profiles of the various volunteers. There are several such as myself, who are not practicing JWs, but will provide you with an accurate and honest answer, regarding JW teaching. If we don't know the answer, we will try to research and get it for you. There are also some excellent practicing JWs here, who also endeavor to give you a factual and honest answer, based on their point of view. I believe by getting both points of view, the questioner can weigh the evidence for themselves, and make an informed decision. Unfortunately, there are also 3 here who claim to be JWs, but do NOT give honest, or well-researched answers. They will tell you only what they want you to believe, and they often hide facts about the history of their religion, as well as print untruths about other people's beliefs. This is done in an attempt to deceive the unsuspecting reader. It can be easily seen who these 3 are, simply by reading the public posts and "answers" which they write. Their posts will normally be filled with personal attacks, and if you question them about some teaching or aspect of the Watchtower that makes them uncomfortable, they will often reject your question, question your motives for asking it, tell you that you have been reading "apostate" sites, or turn the conversation into an attack on another expert. These ones are better avoided, as there is nothing to be gained by way of positive discussion, as they are not interested in intelligent conversation, or honest dialogue. If after reading the forum, you still have any questions as to who they are, just ask me, and I will be happy to tell you. And I can also provide documentation of their willful dishonesty. One thing is for a forum where people from both sides claim to be "Christians", there should never be any willful lying. Such ones only create a distraction in the forum, and provide nothing of any real value.

High School, some college. Studies of God's Word, the Bible, and how it compares to JW theology. I have found my own personal study and experiences to be far more valuable than any formal education or training. The Bible message is clear...Salvation is ONLY through and by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, and no religious organization has a thing to do with it. While attendance at a Bible-preaching, Bible-believing church is a must for spiritual growth and fellowship, no church can grant salvation to its members. Nor is joining a particular group a prerequisite for being saved.

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