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Hello, I have a question about New Light. Logic would suggest that if new light is preached that is contrary to what was preached before then certainly either before or after the change/correction/new light that that/those individual(s) was/were teaching commands of men.

For instance if the Holy Ghost is no longer the Holy Ghost but now called Holy Spirit. Which doctrine would be correct, which doctrine would be a doctrine of men?  The KJV states Holy Ghost, and if the KJV is errant free and infallible wouldn't this prove that Derrick Holland doesn't believe in God's Word since he uses a new term "Holy Spirit"?

Thank you and keep up the fine fight.

Hello Brother,


That's one of the most logical explanation I've ever read about "New Light".

Indeed if the "Holy Ghost" is no longer a valid title for this third person of the Trinity godhead, what then is the KJV? Was it in error when its "brilliant - spirit inspired" translators called the third person of the Trinity godhead "Holy Ghost"?

I wonder, which one is the "New Light"?

Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit?

Can't be both, can't it?

No it can't, because the "Holy Ghost" is in the "errant free" KJV. While the "Holy Spirit" is in the NKJV and other translations.

So if KJV logic dictates, "Holy Ghost" should be the correct title instead of the "Holy Spirit".

Question is, why are they not using "Holy Ghost" when referring to "Holy Spirit"?

And if they use "Holy Spirit" what then is the "Holy Ghost"?

Old "light"?

If so then why still use the KJV?

Why not just abandon it and instead use the newer version of the KJV, the New King James Version?

Oh I see, they can't use the NKJV because its in error, while the KJV is not.

Hmmm, makes me think. Is this blasphemy calling the "Holy Ghost" a "Holy Spirit"?

If so, how dare the Bible committee changed the "Holy Ghost" into "Holy Spirit".

But let me add to this - How dare are the NKJV translators removed EASTER from the NKJV Bible?! Instead of using EASTER as it was translated in the "errant free" KJV, they changed it BACK to "PASSOVER"!

How dare they teach the "New Light"?

"Holy Spirit" for "Holy Ghost"


They should go back to the "Old Light"!!!

How dare they.

How dare Mr. Derrick Holland abandon the "spirit inspired (winkwk)" "errant free" KJV?

Why is he now referring to the "Holy Ghost" as "Holy Spirit"?

Blasphemy I say!


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