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Jehovah`s Witness/Okay, Let's Just Set The Lies Straight....


One thing about a liar....

When they get caught in one or two lies, they have to tell more lies, to cover the others.  But after awhile, they start to forget what their original lie was.

Now, I am intrigued and amused by this new alliance between "2 experts" who neither one can seem to figure out which country they want to settle in.  Both were from the US, just days ago.  Barns has moved to the UK, and Rando went first to Poland, then to Australia for several hours, and then back to the US.

Its odd how antsy they both have gotten, since it has been shown by several ways, that they are the same person.  

Rando gave himself away on several fronts, and now, is having to desperately try to go back and explain them away.

And in the process, he has scraped the bottom of the barrel, when it comes to morality and honesty.

Several lies of Rando to mention here.....

First, let's deal with the one that has been first and foremost on my mind, for the past 3 days....The issue of my wife.

Now, it is no secret to ANYBODY who has read this board for years, that Rando is a deplorable, dishonest, and totally void of morals, low down individual.  In fact, his hatred for me has given rise to numerous attacks for the past 7+ years.  He has alleged that I'm a "wife beater", a former Witness, a sorry employee at my job, a bad parent, not to mention all of the spiritual things he has claimed I am...."Demon", "Wormwood", "Legion", etc.

And he has also attacked my family on occasion, as well.  Not long ago, he LIED and claimed my son has contacted him a few times.  My son has NEVER contacted that idiot, and has no desire to.  He then implied that my son is on drugs or alcohol.  Actually, my son is in the National Guard, and is screened quite intensely for things like that. What would make someone just up and lie like that, besides something demonic inside of him?  He doesn't know my son, or my wife, or me, for that matter.

But the other day, he crossed the line.  And he only had the guts to do it, because he's anonymous.  He's a coward.  He's not a man.  He's a sick, perverted individual who is fascinated with writing posts on this forum about sexual predators.  Makes me wonder what one might find if they knew his name, and his state, on the Public Offender Registry?  Can't help but wonder, since he talks about it so much, even when nobody else is.

Not to mention the utterly vile filth that was sent to me several weeks back, under the name of "Linda", who is also one of Rando's aliases.  Ask Ms. T....she saw it. Now, she would never believe that her beloved brother Rando was behind it, but she knows the language that was used. She can attest to how wicked the gutter language was.  

Funny, Rando is the ONLY person here who constantly accuses ME of "vile language".  Odd that none of those examples have been posted, and that ONLY Rando says I write using "vile language"....Yet, I get a post filled with vile language, from one of Rando's aliases.  But I wonder why NO other expert here in 14 years, has ever claimed that I wrote them with "vile language", and the only one that I supposedly to do this to, would be the very same one who would do anything in his power to discredit me?  Why would I give him the ammunition, knowing he would post it?  And again, its funny that NONE of it has been posted.

But about my wife, I can't believe this guy is running so scared now, that he has the nerve to say that I sent that about my own wife.  First off, the time and day it was sent, we were together.  Second, like I'm actually going to write a post about my own wife, use her full name, and bring a public charge of adultery against her, on this public forum!!  This guy must be an idiot beyond anything I have ever imagined.  

The thing is, there are only 2 people associated with this forum that I'm aware of, who even know my wife's name.  Until Thursday, that is.  Its not likely that anyone else would have even connected those posts with her being my spouse, had she not addressed the charges.  She wanted to do it, and I let her.  

But this coward has the nerve to claim that I sent those, to slander my own wife.  I don't have to do wicked things like that, to refute JWs.  I can simply compare their doctrine with the Bible, and do that.  

But who DOES need to lie, to discredit someone?  Easy....The same guy who has been doing it for years.  We have documented cases of it already.  Lie, after lie, after lie.  He just got a little more desperate this time, and sunk to a new low.  But it was still typical Rando...just amped up a bit.  

And this comment...."I was reading the forum today, he never approached me about concerns about his wife or asked me if I published a rumor about his wife."

There was no need to approach and ASK you.  Why would I do that?  First off, you lie through your teeth, and secondly, you reject everything I send, anyway, and there is no question in my mind you were behind it.  NONE.  Fact is, I did approach Eddie and asked him if he had any prior knowledge.  He lies too, but is also somewhat dense.  And he danced around the question like a man standing in a campfire, until I kept writing, and he finally denied it.  But there was never any doubt that you were behind it, Rando.  EVERY despicable lie that has been told in this forum about me or my family, you are connected to.  I guess you didn't post the "wife beater" remark, either? Even though its under your profile.

Now, for your information Rando/J Barns....My wife had EVERY right to address those posts if she wanted to.  She has done nothing to you, and doesn't even take part in the discussions here.  To bring her name into this in such a wicked and slanderous manner, only proves what kind of person you really are.  

Even one Baptist expert pointed out how odd it was that the question line showed her FULL name, and how this is almost NEVER done by a questioner, especially on a question of such a sensitive nature.  Most people who are committing adultery, will not post their FULL name on the internet for the world to see.  

And by the way, it isn't lost on me that you were careful to take the extra step to make sure I saw her name.  You didn't just put her name in the "Question" line, because you knew the expert may or may not mention her name in the answer, and probably would not, given the nature of the question.  You made sure and included her name in the actual question itself, so that I would be sure to see it.  

You remind me of the Scripture, which outlines what Jehovah HATES.....

Proverbs 6:16, 18-19-  "These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:"  

"An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren."

That's what Jehovah God thinks of your slanderous posts, trying to cause trouble in my marriage, and degrade my family at the same time.  A truly wicked individual, you are.  But don't worry....It didn't get to me.  First off, my wife isn't "stepping out".  Secondly, it would be royally stupid for any cheating wife to write a post in the TWO forums that she knows her husband reads every single day, using her REAL name....Especially if her husband is "abusive", as YOU claim that I am.  That would be almost suicidal, wouldn't it?  

And again, you made sure that her name appeared in the actual question, so that it would be sure to get my attention. That was no accident.

And there was also a 2nd motive there, as well, given the discussions lately about "once saved, always saved".  You thought you could both slander my family, AND get a Baptist to say "Why of course you're still saved and going to heaven from the bed of adultery, but you really ought to stop it, though" .  

To their credit, all of them gave good answers, and didn't give you what you wanted.   

I'm going to leave this topic, with this address to you.  My wife sent you this also, as I understand that she wrote directly to you about this?  Funny, it didn't post.  But I will say it to you again, and I will say it ONE time....

Regardless of whatever lies and attacks you feel the need to slander me with, you LEAVE MY WIFE AND MY FAMILY OUT OF IT!!  Period!  You can call that "abusive" or "vile" language if you want to, but let it be clear....Leave my family out of your lies and your slander.

Now, about the location thing, and these so-called questions from "Derrick".  I wanted to do some research before typing out this reply, as I am not really technologically experienced.  But I have done some study this morning, and I have learned just how EASY it is, to change the location of a question, and make it appear from anywhere you want it to.  In fact, there's even an App for your phone, that allows you to do it.

Bottom line...The location that we experts see as our questions originating from, apparently mean nothing.  Only when honest people are writing, is it accurate.  But not with unscrupulous people like Rando.

Now Rando, I will give you props for something.  As stupid as you are day in and day out, you actually did something fairly intelligent when you wrote those posts under her name.  You anticipated my next move.  I've learned to do that myself.  In fact, I'm having a private correspondence with a viewer of the board, about how this thing with you and Barns will unfold.  So far, you guys are falling exactly in line with what I anticipated.  So, I like the notion of knowing your adversary's next move.  

But you knew that we would try to find out WHERE those slanderous questions came from, and in your forethought, you actually had them come from NC.  Very good.  You knew we would check on that.  And I admit, I was sort of wondering how you did that.  But then it hit me...You made an accusation not long ago, that I had "changed my location to say Illinois", in a question I wrote to you.  Now,I had no idea how to change a location, but YOU knew it was possible to do so.  You seemed to be sure that I had done this, yet I had no idea HOW to do it.  But you apparently do.  And I also received a private question not long after that, telling me it can be done, and that the locations here are not always accurate.

So, I'll admit this....I questioned all day yesterday, how you got it to show from NC.  Apparently the same way that you're getting these fake questions under MY name, with all the "vile language", to show from NC.  There were a few possibilities....

1.  You yourself are from NC.  Please tell me that's not it, as I would hate to think we have people like YOU, living here.  I really don't want to have to question in my mind every time I see a weird person in Wal-Mart, "Is that him?"

2.  You know someone in NC, and they are doing it for you, at your request

3.  You happened to be IN NC for something, and made good use of the opportunity while you were here.


4. There must be a way to fake your internet location, to show where you want it to.

And after my research today, lo and behold, there is a way to do that!!  A couple of them, in fact.  You can even download an App to your phone that allows you to put any location you want in there.

Is that how you did it, Rando?  Is your hate and fear of me so intense, that you would slander my bride of 22 years, and write questions under my name showing from NC, just to discredit me?  You must really feel threatened by me, huh?

Now, let's just deal with these so-called "vile" questions that Barns is claiming.

Let's just set that straight, as well.....

The allegation here, is that I supposedly wrote Barns 16 times in one day, telling him to "GET OFF".  Okay, let's just be clear...I have NEVER written ANYONE, and told them to "GET OFF".  I have never even written YOU, Rando, and said "GET OFF".  Its not my place to tell anyone to get off of a forum.  I am on a forum about JWs, and am not a JW.  I answer questions here because I'm knowledgeable about JWs.  So, I have no issue with a non-Baptist answering questions on the Baptist forum, provided he's up front and honest about who he is, and that he doesn't answer from that perspective.  

I DO have an issue with YOU answering questions there, claiming to be a Baptist.  You are not knowledgable in Baptist doctrine, as SEVERAL of your answers under "J Barns", prove.  The Baptist teaching is not even stated correctly, and in your "answer" to one questioner about the rapture, you didn't even answer their questions, but rather, COPIED AND PASTED a "Statement of Faith" from a Baptist website.  Because you're not a Baptist, neither do you understand Baptist doctrine.

And again, there are just too many things tying you to J Barns, and proving its you.  People know it, Rando....give it up.  You can't hide your weird way of thinking, and the self-praise you heap upon yourself.  You gave yourself away several ways.  

So, not one of those questions from "Derrick", titled "GET OFF", are from me.  Not one of them.  And if they appear from NC, then you did it the same way that you made my wife's questions appear from NC, although we were together when they were written.  Good thing we were, huh?  And just a GOOGLE (not Goggle) search, will verify that this can be done, quite easily, by someone who knows how to do it.

So, your deceit simply isn't going to work.

Now, I did send you/Barns that question from "Baptist Preacher".  I asked him about contradictions in his profile.  By all means, Barns, post it.  Let's see the supposed "vile language" that it contains.  Why was it sent to the Pool?

Like I said....I don't use vile language in my own personal life, nor do I use vile language in writing questions, or answering them.

But again, you slipped up on this one as well, Rando....You have tried for years to tarnish my reputation with your lies.  Now, why would I refute you all these years, only to tarnish my own reputation by using foul language under a post signed in my own name?  First of all, if I were going to write Barns a post using "vile language" as you claim, do you really think I would be stupid enough to sign my REAL NAME to it?  I mean, DUH!!  

You must be some kind of nut, to be that dumb.

But Barns/Rando, there is yet another careless slip-up you made here, that reveals you to be the same person.  And its found in just a very simple little statement, found in "Barns'" writing.

BARNS:  "I don't appreciate her tone of aggression and think it's unchristian."

Now, this is a dead give-away.  Yes, my wife DID write a fairly aggressive letter about her name being dragged through the mud.  She can get like that when she's being lied on or being dragged into something she doesn't want to be in the middle of, and in this case, I can't say I blame her.

But this "aggressive" writing was not even to Barns...It was to Rando.  And it hasn't even posted.

There is NOTHING "aggressive" or "unchristian" in her public rebuttal, that appeared publicly in the Baptist forum twice now.  The only references she makes towards Barns at all in her rebuttal, are that I discovered he was Rando, and that by his answers he too has a disdain for me, and for the other Baptist experts to be watching his answers.  She said NOTHING in attack on his character, or anything that can be construed as "aggressive" against him.  In fact, she even expressed a desire that the twisted individual who did this, would be saved.  Read it...There's simply nothing "aggressive" towards Barns in that writing.

And that is referring to the PUBLIC answer which posted, and is readable by all.

So, what is this "aggressive" writing that Barns is talking about, if not the public one in the Baptist forum?  And it can't be that one, because there's nothing "aggressive" towards him there.  And she has not written ANY messages to Barns directly, either public or private.

But odd....She DID write an "aggressive" message to Rando yesterday, which did NOT post.  She told him what a filthy pervert he must be, and that if he wanted to learn what "libel" means, then to just use her name again and he will find out what it means.  

Can anyone blame her?  She was slandered as an adulterer, and Barns is complaining about a "disturbing writing" from her, refuting the charge.  I'm sorry Barns isn't as "disturbed" by adultery, as he is about someone defending their name.  Sounds like Rando.

Now, its quite telling that BARNS mentions an "aggressive" writing from my wife, and yet, its not one anyone else can see or read.  So, it has to be another one he's referencing.  And the only OTHER one from her that is "aggressive" (and yes it is aggressive, but not "unchristian"), WAS NOT SENT TO BARNS....IT WAS SENT TO RANDO!!

Barns, how is it that you are aware of it, then?  Hmmm...

Like I said....When you lie, you have to tell more lies, and you get careless.

And another thing, Barns....Why be so scared of NC questions?  Don't assume that I'm the only person who lives here.  In fact, there are just under 10 million people in our State.  There are several NC questioners who write me.  They're not me.  Plus, NC has one of the highest ratio of Baptists, of ANY state.  So, why should it shock you to get a question on a Baptist forum, from NC?  Did you know that the highest percentage of Baptists, come from within a 75 mile radius of Asheville, NC?

So, don't just assume every NC question is from me.  And certainly have the brains to know that I am not about to destroy my own 14 year reputation here of honesty and integrity, by writing you 16 questions in one day, "cussing you out", and for whatever stupid reason, signing my name to it.  

Rando, now matter how hard you try, your lies will always catch up to you.  You may think the age of the internet allows you to carry on with your deceit with no danger of being caught, but you forgot one thing....God knows who you are, and where you are.  

And that's not because I say it, its because the Bible says it.....

Numbers 32:23-  "But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out."

Luke 8:17-  "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad."

Luke 12:2-3-  "For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops"

And Rando/Barns, these verses are STILL true today, even in the age of the internet.  Jehovah isn't fooled by your "Fake Location" app, or whatever other means you have been utilizing.

This comment..."It was Derrick writing me claiming I was Rando using some intense unchristian speech. I did a goggle search and found Rando on allexperts."

It seems Barns has your tendency to fabricate, Rando.  Again, because you're the same person.

The original person who wrote to Barns and called him Rando, was Jim, not me.  As I said before, I am not Jim.  And I saw Jim's writing, because he sent it to me, and there was NO unchristian speech.  In fact, there was no real question or paragraph, was there?  Just Jim saying "hi", and "I know its you, Rando".  What's unchristian about that?

So, why this lie?  I have never once written to you, and called you "Rando".  I only outed you on this board, because of your hypocrisy in claiming to be a Baptist.  I never once wrote to your alias Barns, and called you "Rando".  But we both know you are Rando, nonetheless.

Furthermore, I do not tell someone to "GET OFF" a board.  I simply think they should not LIE about who, or what, they are.  My profile says I'm not a JW, and that I'm a born again Christian.  That's what I am.  And anyone who asks me what kind of church I attend, I tell them.  But you lie and claim to be a Baptist there, and a JW here.  

You're probably lying about BOTH.

Really getting desperate, aren't you, Rando?  Writing YOURSELF on "Barns" profile using my name, and sending them to the Question Pool, and writing other experts using my wife's name, in an attempt to make me look bad?  Not gonna work.

Nice try, but its just not going to work.

And a reminder....Leave my family out of your lies and slander.  I don't want to tell you again.  

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