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Hi Mr Holland

I wanted to write you to say that I am really sorry about what has taken place, with your wife being brought under their attacks.  That is so low!! I also do not know how it is that the questions from you and her  are showing up from your state, but do you think its possible that Rando is from North Carolina too?  I don’t know what to make of that, I’ll be honest.  But I have talked with you enough to believe that you are a man of integrity, and I have seen enough of his unjust attacks towards you and obvious falsehoods, that I have no doubt that he is somehow doing this.  I don’t know how, but I know he is. It just what he does, but much worse this time.

But Mr Holland, I did notice something that I want to bring to your attention and ask if you saw it.  Again, I don’t know what to make of the questions from both you and her being from your same state, but I do find some things in Mr Barns’s letter to be suspicious, at least to me.  Where he said:

“I rejected most of his rantings prior to this date but now sent them to the Question Pool so the other Experts can see the evidence of me being hounded by him. I am a victim not the perpetrator here.   His questions have his name and the state of North Carolina when opened. I know it wasn't you Brother Rando because your questions do not come from North Carolina.”

“The questions placed in the question pool can be opened by any Baptist Expert, click and you will see North Carolina.”

Mr Holland I could be wrong, but it seems like he WANTS other experts to pull the questions out of the pool. I can’t find this pool that he’s talking about but since he said it can be opened by any Baptist expert, then I am guessing its something only you experts can see?  What is he hoping for, that some other expert will take the question from the pool and answer it, to make you look bad?  I’m just trying to make all of this compute.  But to me, those sentences make him seem very anxious to get another Expert to answer them.  But why?  If he wanted it posted then why didn’t he just post them himself?  Or if they were so vile like he says, why didn’t he just reject them? I know all about how rejected questions work because I tried to write Rando and Sister T back at Christmas, as you’ll recall.  But why send them to the pool?  This makes no sense to me at all.  If he wanted you exposed, he would have just answered them.  If he didn’t, he could have rejected them.  Why send them to the pool?

What do you think?  Do you think that its possible that Rando really is Barns, and is sending those questions to the pool himself, and then asking himself as Barns to pull them out?  Maybe I’m just missing something, but he seems to want it known those questions are in the pool and wants another expert to answer them.  It just seems fishy to me.

Whatever the case, know that I believe you’re simply seeing another one of his attacks against you, and I want you to stand firm.  I can understand your being mad because she’s your wife. But he wants you to react in an angry way.  He will use it against you, if you do.  Just stay strong!

Take care Mr Holland

Good afternoon, Marie.  As always, your words are very encouraging.  Yes, you’re correct…He does want me to react in a way that he can use for his own agenda.  I’m well aware of how this liar operates.  He already tells people that I “cuss”…lol.  Can you imagine if I lost my cool, and really did that?  It would be on this board first thing tomorrow morning.

And I don’t THINK that Rando is Barns and planting those questions there…I KNOW he is.  No doubt about it,  I know I’m not writing them, and I know he has enough hate for me, and is dishonest enough to do it.  Nobody else I can think of, who is capable of it.  And SOMEBODY is certainly writing them, right?  I guess it just comes down to who has shown honesty in integrity in the forum, and who has the reputation of lying.  And we all know who that is.

Actually, I have already typed one reply to the Barns/Rando nonsense which you saw yesterday morning, and another one this morning.  I have already dealt with the attempted deceit, which this person is desperately trying to perpetuate to this forum, after being exposed as a hypocrite.  But you have hit on another angle of this, that I did not initially think of.  

And you are correct that its just not adding up.

But first, and again, thank you for your encouragement.  It means so much.  I fully intend to stand strong.  Rando is pulling out all the stops now, in an attempt to attack me.  He thinks because he got Hepburn to take time off from the board, that he’s going to get me to.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!  That liar doesn’t intimidate me one bit.  As I said, I have already written a rebuttal to his latest attempt to get out from under his own lies, which will post tomorrow.  But I am very glad you made this observation about the Question Pool, because I definitely think there is something to what you have said.

Let me explain to you a little about the Question Pool, because I think you bring up a VERY good point.  You may have actually hit on something, as to Barns’ motive for sending them to the Question Pool, instead of just either answering or rejecting them, as MOST people would do.

The Question Pool basically, is if say I get a question about JWs that I may not know the answer to, or have time to answer, then I can send it to the Question Pool.  This keeps it visible, so that another Expert can get the question and answer it, if they choose to.  Like if you put Rando into a corner again and he sends your question there, I could go and answer it instead.  He won’t do that, of course, because he will just reject you…Rando doesn’t like being exposed in public for lying.  But that’s just an example.

But you said this…“I am guessing its something only you experts can see?”

Sort of.  But I cannot see the Baptist “Question Pool”, either.  I can see the one for the JW forum, because this is the forum I’m an Expert in.  I cannot access the Question Pool, for any other forum.  So, I have no knowledge of what is contained in those fraudulent questions written under my name, and won’t know, unless someone pulls them out of the Question Pool.  I fully expect Barns to do this, even though he is the one who sent them there.  

But yes, his words DO seem like he is very anxious for people to know those questions are there.  This would indicate that he PLANTED them there, which I am fully convinced is the case.  I mean, SOMEBODY wrote them, didn’t they?  And if Barns really were not Rando, then what would be his MOTIVE for planting these questions in the Pool, and hoping someone would get them out?  If Barns doesn’t know who I am as he claims, and has no personal vendetta against me, then what would be his possible motive for that?  Again, this is STRONG evidence that he is Rando.  Another new “expert” to the Baptist board who had no prior knowledge of myself or Rando, would have no reason to do that.

Funny, talking about “planting questions” in the Question Pool.  Here in the JW category, there was a question which had been in this forum’s Pool for over a month.  Well, Expert Richard actually answered that question days ago, before this nonsense from Barns posted this morning.  

I REALLY want to encourage Richard to re-post that question and his answer, because it was VERY good and insightful, but because the question was over a month old, it is on like Page 4 of this forum, and not easily seen or read.  But he made a comment in his answer, that bears repeating here.

Remember…Richard wrote this sentence BEFORE this nonsense from Rando/Barns today.

RICHARD:  “It is my belief that some other expert wrote this to himself and put it in the question pool. If, hypothetically, Brenton received this prior to declaring himself unavailable, he would not have sent this to the question pool. He would have either handled it himself or rejected the question. He has been here since 2004. I am quite certain he can handle it.”

So, its just odd that Richard has picked up on this, and so did you.  Yes, I believe there is no doubt that Barns/Rando wrote those 16 questions to himself, and then put them in the Pool, and is now wanting some other Expert to pull them out.  Either that, or “Barns” will pull them out at Rando’s “request”.  

Regardless, people are on to him.  I have no doubt that the regular readers of this board, like yourself, know full well that Rando is the liar here.  Even if they’re JWs and don’t want to admit it, they know.

Marie, I was actually going to write another post showing Rando’s obsession with me and his stalking me for my personal information.  I have been going back through some old posts today, since the weather outside is so cold and icy.  And I’ve found some very interesting things.  So, if I can just use this reply to you, to make a few more observations, that I actually had already gathered and saved in my documents before getting your question.


A couple of more points I didn’t mention earlier, before sending the “reply” to Rando/Barns….

It has been exposed this week, that Rando has gotten himself a profile on the Baptist forum, under the name of  “J Barns”, now “Jay Barns”, formerly of the USA, and now of the UK.  

But we also see that, at least as far back as November, Rando already had it in his mind that there should be a JW or a JW sympathizer, in the Baptist forum.  Interestingly, we see ole’ Rando giving Christaras (or possibly himself) the following advice….

“Have you thought about becoming a "Baptist Expert"?

Since you know Baptists teachings are Contrary to Biblical Christianity, you can field questions meant for Baptists Preachers. It would be interesting to say the least. Since the dead come out of hell in the Catholic King James Version at (Rev 20:13), why do Baptist proclaim that hell is eternal and inescapable?”

Now, notice what Rando’s main doctrinal objection is in this reply...The doctrine of Hell.  And notice the Scripture that he likes to use to "support" his ridiculous conclusion...Rev. 20:13  Now, check J Barns’ profile and see what HIS main doctrinal objection is to Baptists...The doctrine of Hell. And notice the Scripture used in his profile....Rev. 20:13.  Kind of interesting, isn't it? These guys must be clones, or something.

It would seem that since Christaras didn’t take Rando’s advice to “become a Baptist expert”, Rando decided to do it himself.  But we know it was on his mind, as far back as November.

At the end of this same reply, Rando adds a little note that had nothing to do with anything being discussed, but he said….“PS... "Once Saved, Always Saved: Always False”

And just COINCIDENTALLY, 3 questions appear in my wife’s name, and ask about if she’s still saved if she dies in an accident, while “stepping out”.  

Not looking good for you, Rando.  Not looking good at all.  Like I said…just too many similarities tying you to “J Barns”.

Now, something else of note…  This link is quite revealing….

In another one of Rando’s conversations-with-self, he publishes several links, supposedly revealing personal information about me.  Now, some of them were not me, but the first 2 were.  

What's nteresting, is that NOW Rando wants to claim that he really doesn’t know much about my wife, and certainly has gone to no lengths to find out anything about my family.  

Oh really?  Interesting that he mentions my son, BY NAME.  Here’s the quote….

“One of his sons Dillion has approached me a few times, but I cut him off my You-tube channel since he wasn't very coherent. Whether he was doing alcohol or drugs I don't know, but he didn't seem right in the head. It's possible he was 'possessed' but I can't say with certainty. It may have been "Derrick" himself, as he tends to write under different "aliases".

Not coherent?  My son is an "A" student, and was just accepted into a major University.  But that's not the point here.  Its about him knowing so much about who I'm related to.

I do have a son named Dillon.  Now, how would he know my son’s name?  I’ve certainly never told him.  So, how did he get that information, if not from searching me on the internet?

But we’re supposed to believe that he was only interested in getting my son’s name, but didn’t bother to get my wife’s name, too?  Funny that HER name is clearly visible in the 2nd link that posted under Rando’s profile, back on December 10, huh?  But Rando tells us that he “didn’t know” a thing about her, or who she was…now that he’s been caught slandering her, that is.  Yet, her name appears in one of the links about me, that HE HIMSELF posted just a few months back.

He even admits that….“Even though this information is on the internet, I'm not asking anyone to search out Derrick Holland.”

How does Rando know how much information about me, is on the internet, unless he has looked for it?  After posting my public information which he searched for, Rando plays the victim and Mr. Nice Guy, just like he did with Hepburn….After attacking Hepburn, Rando acts like he doesn’t want anyone attacking him….just before launching more attacks against him.  

Just like he is doing here….Searching my public information, pretending he doesn’t want anyone to do that but lets it post ANYWAY (as even a JW pointed out the hypocrisy of).  

And Rando playing the “victim” today.  With this comment….

“I have no part in this. I never ever heard of Shawnasi. I never wrote her, never contacted her, never wrote about her, never knew a Shawnasi. Didn't know she even existed.”

What a diversion!  Nobody ever said he wrote TO her....She's not an expert here, Rando.  But you wrote AS her, and used her name.  

But you claim you never knew about her, and never heard of her, even though her name appears in a link that YOU posted 2 months ago?  

Caught lying again, huh Rando?

But if you didn’t know she existed, then explain THIS comment, also from December of last year….

“The picture on the facebook page looks similar to his pictures on his You-tube Channel. I believe he is married and has two sons.”

But you didn’t know my wife “existed”, huh?

But here’s some more proof that Rando has gone to some lengths to search me on the Internet….

In the following link, we see that Rando has searched out my location….

Where he writes….“WE all know that Derrick Holland is from Granite Falls, North Carolina.”

But he didn’t just find that out.  In fact, he had searched it a couple of years prior to that, because he mentioned in a post to Darryl Murphy, all the way back in 2012.

He writes to Mr. Murphy…“If anyone needs to learn about the demonic Trinity, you should go to Granite Falls North Carolina, and sit down with your other brother Darryl (Derrick Holland) and educate him.”

But today, folks, Rando tells us that he knows nothing about my wife….not her name, or that she even existed.  Even though you lied and told this board 6 years ago, that I “abuse” her.  Now, if you don’t know her name or that she even exists, then how was it that you would think that I “beat” her?   

So, Rando knows nothing about my wife, and he sure doesn’t encourage anyone to “Search” me on the internet.  What a bald-faced liar.  

Its quite simple…He crossed the line, he was caught and exposed, and now he’s just digging his hole deeper with his desperate lies.  Keep digging, Rando….Just keep digging.

We have just seen proof from your OWN writings, that you were already thinking someone should “join the Baptist forum” and answer questions there “meant for Baptist preachers”, argue against “once saved, always saved” (coincidentally, the subject of the question with my wife’s name in it), and that you have been searching my personal information for years now.

You knew her name, you knew our location, and you had motive.  On the other hand, there is no logical motive that I would have, for cussing people out under my own name, or slandering my wife in public.

But this is vintage Rando....Lie, slander, and when caught red-handed....Lie some more, and make yourself the poor innocent "victim".  Cry me a river!

Marie, thank you letting me address these issues, as well as the ones you raised.  This saved me from having to type another post to myself.

Thank you again so much, for your support and encouragement.  It is a blessing to know that thinking people see right through this liar's charade.  He isn't fooling anybody, who's opinion matters in the first place.

Take care, and God bless!


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