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Eddie, are you about to cry?  Sure sounds like it.  Just take it easy.  The only reason you were ASKED, not accused initially, was because you made the choice to be such good friends with the liar.  Only another liar would want to be close friends with a proven liar.  You completely disregard your own religion’s teaching about 1 Corinthians 15:33, which as you know, speaks of “bad association”.  You made that choice, not me.

So understand, when he comes after my wife and slanders her in public, then I have to wonder if his “best pal” on the forum was aware of it ahead of time.  

You should’ve just answered my question the first time.  But in your usual dancing act, you refused to give a straight answer to a very simple “yes” or “no” question.  That’s not my fault….its yours.

Had you just answered the question, there would have not been a follow-up writing.

Now Eddie, let’s you and I come to an understanding here.  You do not need to try and threaten me, about what you’re “going to post” from me, and then act like you’re doing me a favor by “deciding not to” post it.

Post whatever you want to.  Yes, I made them Private because my question really didn’t concern the forum.  I simply wanted to ask you if you were in on it, or knew about it.  Also, I did it so that you didn’t have to “reject” them as usual, in case you didn’t want the answer seen.  Of course, you rejected them anyway.  Not sure what kind of genius rejects a Private question, which would not post, anyway. But whatever.

But hey, I don’t care if you post them.  I didn’t write anything to you that I’m afraid for anyone to see.  

In fact, I’ll post them for you.  Your continued lies this morning, has made it necessary, since you allege that I “ACCUSED” you of sending the questions.  Now again, we all know your tendency to not grasp anything that is said, but I believe my posting here of what I sent to you, will reveal that I said from the outset that I knew it was Rando doing it.  I merely wanted to know if you were in on it, or had prior knowledge of it, or if Rando acted alone.  I never said you sent the questions.  So, why did you lie?  Now you have made it necessary for me to post my 3 writings to you.

Also, because you said my messages were “nasty” and “vile”, which implies they were vulgar.  This seems to be a popular lie this week, as well.  

Now, I will admit that they were ANGRY messages….especially the 3rd one.  No debate there.  What husband wouldn’t get angry if his wife is being made out to be a harlot?  Wouldn’t you?

But since you have attempted to lie and mislead the board as to the nature of my writings to you, I will post them for you.  I don’t want you think that I “owe you one”, for the wonderful “favor” you did me by not posting them.

As will be seen, you were not “accused” of harassing my wife.  You were ASKED initially, and when you refused to give a straight answer, yes, that indicated to me that you were hiding something.  Why not just say “no” initially?  Because that’s how you are….can’t answer anything straight.

And it will also be seen that after your refusal to simply answer my question, you made an implication about this being “my personal life”, which I did not appreciate.  This is NOT my “personal life”, as my wife did not write those questions, and it was your friend who did.  We didn’t ask him to use her name in his lies and attacks.  So yes, my 3rd writing expressed to you, quite angrily, what I think of your and your friend’s lying ways.  You're both a disgrace to Christianity, and to the name of Jehovah God, and yes, you’re both hypocrites.

So yeah, my 3rd writing to you, contained a “warning” (since we’re giving out warnings here), that in the future, my wife’s name be left out of your attacks, whether it be you, Rando, or something you both planned together.  Leave her out of it.  Real simple.

So, maybe my 3rd writing to you was more angry than it should have been.  The first 2 weren't so bad, but then you want to obfuscate and dance around, and I wasn't in the mood for your games.  I was quite angry that day.  My wife is not going to be harassed, or slandered, the way you guys do it to me.  

So, don’t get so upset about being addressed by me.  If you didn’t have such a history here of LYING and false ATTACKS, and forming friendships with others who LIE and ATTACK, then you never would’ve even been suspected as having known about it.  I didn’t write any of the other JWs here, and ask them if they knew anything prior about it….only you.  Because you are the most likely to have been involved with Rando, or know about it ahead of time.

So here, I’ll post them for you…..

1st writing….

Hello! The expert can't answer your question.

Your Question was:

I'm going to all you this one time, and I want a straight answer.…

Were you a party to the posts that fraudulently used my wife's name in a libelous manner, or did your "dear brother Rando" act alone?

Simple question. If you were party to it, be man enough to say so.

You people are truly lying scum bags.

Following is the reason:

Mr. Holland, my argument with you revolves and centers around doctrinal and scriptural matters. But you're very welcome to go and comb through all of my post and find what you're looking for.

Case in POINT: Hellfire - no scriptural support for it and you can't prove it.

Expert: Eddie Goody


2nd writing....

Hello! The expert can't answer your question.

Your Question was:

I didn't ask you what your argument is. I asked you if you knew of, it had anything to do with the libelous use of my wife's name. Now that shouldn't be so hard for you to answer, if you didn't.

Following is the reason:

Like I said already. No! Stop harassing me and please don't rope me in to your personal life.

Expert: Eddie G


3rd writing….

Hello! The expert can't answer your question.

Your Question was:

Let me just get something straight with you, Pal....You did NOT say "No" in your first reply. As usual, you danced around the question.

In the second place, it isn't MY personal life, as my wife did not write that. You know full well who did!! You have been caught lying time after time, writing yourself and pretending its someone else, "RICHIE RICH". You were exposed once again this morning, for that very thing. How dumb to quote someone you had rejected, and then write yourself a question with the same quote, and pretend someone sent it to you.

You're a disgrace to the name of God, and Christianity.

Don't give me that garbage about "my personal life". You people can lie and attack me all you want, but you will NOT disrespect my wife in that manner.

So, call it "harassment" if you want to, hypocrite. My wife was HARASSED, when your "dear brother Rando" used her name, and tried to make her a harlot. For you to be a friend with that sick pervert, only shows what kind of filth you are, as well. Men of "truth"....YEAH, RIGHT!


Following is the reason:

Look Mr. Holland, I'm not "RICHIE RICH" nor do I write to myself as someone else. I write to myself as me Eddie G. Period. And like I said, my argument with you revolves and centers around doctrinal and scriptural matters. So NO! Stop harassing me and please don't involve me in your personal life.

Expert: Eddie G

Okay, satisfied?  I just can't believe that I typed "all", instead of "ask", in that first writing.  Those sorry smart phones tend to change words around without you realizing it.  

About the only thing that I said in those writings that was very inappropriate, was calling you "filth".  I should not have said that, and I apologize.  But the rest of it, was correct, even if said in a manner that I don't normally use.  Bringing my wife's name into the attacks simply is crossing the line, and I'm not going to put up with it.  Would you?

Yeah, I told you that you guys are scum, because you lie and attack.  I still stand by that, but probably should have used a different term there, as well.  I called you a hypocrite…you are one.  I called you a liar….you’re that, too.  You now are denying that you send questions to yourself, pretending to be someone else?  Well, you do.  Everybody has known it for a long time, Chris's question to you pointed it out, and Phillip’s writing proved it.  You never said how it was that an outside questioner could have managed to quote Phillip’s paragraph VERBATIM, as it had not yet posted to the forum.  The only person who had seen what Phillip said, was you.  And it just “magically” appeared in a question from someone else, on the same day?  

Sure, Eddie…Sure.

But I'm just wondering why my writings to you above, didn't just say "GET OFF MY FORUM"!!! ...LOL.  Seriously, you need to tell your friend that if he wants to plant a question supposedly from me, he needs to actually SAY SOMETHING THAT I WOULD SAY!!  Not exactly the brightest bulb in the socket, is he?

Look, knock yourself out with the phony questions-to-self.  That isn’t the real issue here.  Everybody knows you guys do that. You always have, and likely always will.  Its the fake questions with MY name, and HER name on them, that I'm discussing now.  You clowns can make up any other aliases you wish to....have fun.  

Was my 3rd writing a little over the top, and written in an angry manner?  Yes, probably.  But I don’t apologize for defending my wife, nor do I apologize for wondering if you knew about it, because you DO lie and attack.  I only apologize for using 2 terms directed at you, which I could have said differently.

That being said, I am very happy to FINALLY hear you say that you didn’t know about it.  I’m going to go against my better judgment here, and accept that as the truth, although Rando’s denials mean nothing. He was behind it...he knows it, and I know it.  I’m going to just assume for now, that you didn’t know that he was going to do that.

So, that being said….Will you now be willing to issue a PUBLIC statement, denouncing whoever did that, as “unchristian” and “dishonest”, and that you believe it is a deplorable act that NO true follower of Jehovah God, would commit?  And point out that any conversations here in this forum, should be kept between the people directly involved, and that family members are off limits?  I don’t believe that I have ever harassed any of YOUR side’s families, or spoken disparagingly of them, have I?

Will you denounce this act, Eddie?  

Anyway, I just had to clear up the misconception that you created, by saying that I accused you of harassing my wife.  No, I initially ASKED you if you knew it, but stated even then, that I knew Rando was the main perpetrator.  In the 2nd and 3rd writings, because you initially REFUSED to give a straight answer, I did take that to mean that you had prior knowledge of it, so I gave you a “warning” to leave my family out of things….just in case you were in on it.  

So in the future, please do not try to “threaten” me with what you’re going to post, while at the same time, lying about the contents of it.  If I write you something that needs posting, then post it.  I normally write my questions Public, but you usually reject them.  So, I sent these Private, so you could reply.  Again, who rejects a Private question that won’t be seen anyway?

Furthermore, as I told you before…..ANY TIME you lie about me or twist what I said, or if I even have a reason to wonder if you’re involved in an attack on my family, I WILL address you about it.  You can cry about “harassment” all you want to, but it isn’t harassment.  You bring it on yourself with your continued lies and misconduct.  If you acted like a true Christian, nobody would even be suspecting you.  

Take care, Eddie.  And try to get your friend some help.  He’s about to go off the deep end.  

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