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Dear Robert,

I want to ask about justification. I do not understand whether for those accepting truth in this life it is at the act of devoting oneself to Jehovah and then one has to keep his promise or later. Especially if they are of heavenly class.
I also do not understand when justification for great multitude comes. For after resurrection, receiving the truth and accepting it, one will continue on the highway to holiness. But after 1000 years devil will be free to test the multitude and their whole-hearted devotion to God. Is justification of them after this test?      

Thank you very much for your response.

The simple answer is: Believers are sanctified for God's service on the basis of Jesus' sacrifice. For those who are anointed they're sanctification imparts to them a sinless standing before God, provided they continue on in faith. For everyone else their sanctification is a little different. God forgives them of their sins, but their perfection and sinless state is not achieved until after the 1,000 years.  

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