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Mr. Holland,

I'd like to ask you one more time to please stop harassing me.

Now that you've made public your accusations of me harassing your wife, hence I have no choice but to post you private messages to me so that the board can decide who really is doing the attacking.

Let me make this short.

First off Mr. Holland, I'm sorry if you're spouse was attacked but you're mistaken if you think I did it. I don't know your wife and would like it to remain that way. So please let this be the last time you involved me in your problems. Your accusation of me harassing your wife have no basis. And like I said, my argument with you revolves around and centers on doctrinal and scriptural matters. So to accuse me of something I have no knowledge of is unacceptable.

So for the last time, please leave me out of your personal life!

I said at the beginning that I will post your messages you sent to me but I changed my mind. Instead, let this be a request or a warning to you Mr. Holland, however you want it. But if you accuse me again in public or otherwise, I will have no choice but to post your vile and nasty messages.

So one more time, please stop harassing me and stop sending me private messages.

And for the last time, I'm not "RICHIE RICH" / "RICHY RICH"
(You should know this since you said so yourself you know my writing style).

For your own good please stop. If you don't you're making her the subject.

So stop and stick to the topic - and stop changing the subject.  

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