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I am trying to understand the vindication of Jehovah's name.
As I understand, Devil put name of God into challenge, that He is not able to put perfect people on earth. This raised the question who is supreme - Devil or Jehovah.
Here is my 1. question - Why do we even talk about this question? Jehovah is and must be infinitely greater than any other creature by its very being. There is no point to compare them.
2. question - I read that it is creatures who had this question. Is the vindication for the purpose of proving them who is "really" God? But then Jehovah depends on the opinions of the creatures which makes Him even lower than they, whether they are angels or men or any other creatures.
3.I could understand that creatures would benefit from vindication of the name Jehovah as clear manifestation that Jehovah is supreme God. But in that case, vindication is for the sake of benefit of creatures or rather for the salvation of men and setting the question for angels. However, Christ vindicated Jehovah's name and will vindicate it at the Armagedon. That was the primary purpose of his coming on earth. It was not salvation of men, for which vindication would be a mean. So I do not find consistency between salvation and vindication of Jehovah's name. Wouldn't it be easier to say that vindication of God's name was for the sake of creatures, which were misled by wicked devil, in order to bring them to happiness, which all is done out of love towards the creatures and not out of some need (Obviously Jehovah does not need any creature).   
Thank you very much for clarification and help to get the truth.

Satan knew quite well that Jehovah is greater , that was not the issue raised . The issue Satan ( Which means resistor) raised the following question: would man kind choose to be ruled by Jehovah exclusively or would they
choose otherwise ? You know the answer . They had everything they desired But Satan was able to deceive Eve into thinking Jehovah was holding something back from her so by tempting her with the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and bad eve choose to be independent and not rely on Jehovah as ruler.her desire for the Fruit caused her to Sin against Jehovah and Adam Followed .
Same thing today the question is who will humans choose , Jehovah or the things Satan`s system of things have to offer ?
Humans know that GOD is greater than Satan (The created is not greater than the Creator.) So who will we serve
Jehovah or Satan ? We Vindicate or make "Holy" Jehovah`s Name not Satan . We choose Jehovah`s Kingdom not Satan`s , that was the question raised.We vindicate Jehovah`s Name out of love for for him. Therefore
the issue of the right to rule mankind will be settled.

regards Elbert

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