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Hello once again brother.

I was driving in my co-worker jws truck and I noticed the 'no blood' card on his control panel. I was curious about what it would actually say so I opened it up and read. To my amazement it stated that only minor blood fractions would be allowed if he was conscious or his power of attorney was present.  I asked him how this was possible to have any part of blood what so ever. He went on to say that plasma was mostly water and other fractions included vitamins and such. I again asked what 'minor blood fractions' included and he was resistant to answer. To me, obviously, water or vitamins would not be considered part of the blood make up. I read that the jws use parts of the plasma for some treatments and these parts are derived from blood. He also said that blood transfusions were unnecessary and one could survive with a simple saline replacement. I asked him if a jw ever died from the loss of blood and he said no, only if they didn't get the saline to them in time. He claims this is science, but I tend to disagree based on logic and common sense.  

What info do you have regarding this?

Thanks again and God bless.  Kevin.

Good afternoon, Kevin.  How are you?  

Yeah, this is another one of those issues, that really shows what I believe to be the inconsistency of the Society's teachings.  And it also shows another example of the followers just accepting it without question, even when its a matter of life or death.

You said he told you...."He went on to say that plasma was mostly water and other fractions included vitamins and such."

Yeah, but what does "mostly water", have to do with anything?  The water isn't the issue...Its the blood that is contained in it.  If it contains any blood at all, shouldn't that make it off limits, for the doctrine to be consistent?  I mean, rat poison contains "mostly" harmless ingredients, but it still has enough poison in it, to do the job.  So, I fail to see the point he is making.  What it is "mostly", is not the issue.  How can he claim to be "abstaining from blood", if he is willing to take ANY blood at all?  

Again, you have to remember that you are dealing with a group of people who think Jehovah is "reasonable", if you're eating a rare rib-eye steak, but becomes quite angry and UNREASONABLE, if you're trying to save your child's life.  

YOU:  "I read that the jws use parts of the plasma for some treatments and these parts are derived from blood. He also said that blood transfusions were unnecessary and one could survive with a simple saline replacement."

Now, I'm not a medical doctor, mind you.  And I don't know all of the cases where saline alternatives would be a valid choice, and where they would not.  I DO know of some instances, where ONLY receiving blood, will be helpful.

I recall an instance of a young boy who was attacked by a shark, off the coast of Florida.  He lost nearly ALL of his blood, and there really wasn't any time to use blood thinners, or alternative treatments....He needed blood, or he would have died.  His case was one of the best examples, of had his family been JWs, he no doubt would not have survived.

I remember following his story, when it occurred, and I remember thinking that it was a good thing that his family did not adhere to the WT's teaching, or he would have certainly died.

For your co-worker to say that no JW has ever died from blood loss, is another lie on his part, as you have indicated he has a tendency to embellish.  At the very least, he doesn't know what he's talking about.  

I also recall a very heart-breaking story that appeared in "The Charlotte Observer" , several years ago, as this event happened locally, only 1 state from where I live.  It was a about a woman who had given birth to a baby that had died, but afterwards, she had complications which required her to have a blood transfusion.  Being a JW, she did not receive the transfusion, and she died as a result.  

I actually have the newspaper article somewhere, and although I could not find it online, I did find this "conversation" between a JW and a Christian, about this very woman that I just mentioned.  I remember well, when this happened, and what a tragic and unnecessary ending, that occurred because of her adherence to the WT's teaching.

Here is a link that makes reference to this story....

The above link, also deals with some of the same excuses your co-worker made, for trying to justify the use of certain fractions, provided they were "mostly water".

Also, another link that lists several deaths of the nature that your co-worker claims never happened, including the lady in the above story....

You are right to disagree with him, and I doubt he understands the first thing about "science", and was probably just making it up as he went along, to try to respond to your questions.

I myself dealt with this issue on a personal level, back when I was at Duke University, receiving a stem cell transplant for treating the Stage 4, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, that I had been diagnosed with.  I remember well being told that blood would be required, because my blood count would drop to dangerously low levels, and that without an immune system, any germ or infection could be deadly.  

I also used that time to discuss with my own doctors, the option of using a "blood substitute" of some sort.  Because although I had no religious objections to receiving blood, I still knew of the potential risks involved, and wanted to avoid it, if possible.  If there was another way, that was preferable to me.  I was told up front by at least 2 oncologists at Duke (not exactly a hospital full of dumb, or uninformed doctors), that in my case, blood was the only option for getting my counts back up.  

I would urge anyone to avoid taking blood, if they can avoid it, without placing their lives or the lives of their child, in jeopardy.  Just as I would urge anyone to avoid having surgery, or taking medications, IF they can avoid it.  But sometimes, you have to have it.  And I certainly do not believe that God is looking down in anger, on someone who allows themselves or their child, to receive a treatment that will save their life.  

ESPECIALLY since blood transfusions was not what God was forbidding, to begin with.  Its odd to me that Jehovah waited nearly 50 years after blood transfusions had become common-place, to "reveal" that He was actually enraged by the practice.  Doesn't that seem odd to you, too?

To be honest, Kevin, I think the idea of saying its wrong to receive blood or plasma, but its okay to receive the individual components separately, is ridiculous.  That's about like saying that its okay to eat ham, mayonnaise, bread, and cheese individually, but its a sin to put them all together and make a sandwich.  

Its nothing more than man-made doctrine, and there will be some people who will have to give an account to God, for imposing their teachings on people, often resulting in their deaths.  And make no mistake....The person who accepts this teaching, bears responsibility, as well.  The real victims in the case, are the children who are involved.

Again, there may be SOME cases where a blood substitute can be effective.  In those cases, I'm all for it.  But there are some cases, where ONLY blood will work.  Like the shark attack victim in the link above, or if someone has been in an accident, and needs blood, and needs it fast.  

The issue is not about the so-called "risks", for there are risks to surgery, as well.  But that doesn't make it against God's law.  

Also, I am sure you have become familiar with, but they have some excellent information about this very topic.

I would urge anyone reading this board, to avail themselves of these facts.  It could mean the difference between life or death.

Good to hear from you, Kevin, and take care.


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