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Jehovah`s Witness/Boy, You Sure Walked Right Into That One, Rando...Desperate, Are We?


Rando, you are so predictable.  I was wondering, and yes, sort of hoping, that you would jump on that.  Honestly though, I wasn’t completely sure you would be really be that stupid, considering how bad it went for you last time you brought up the subject of my e-mails.  But knowing how desperate you are, I thought you might.  In fact, the email in the screen shot, is not even the one I normally use, and is not the one linked to my Allexperts account.  It is another one I have had for years.  I figured you might jump on that.  So predictable.

So, since you took the bait, let’s go ahead and show your desperation to find SOMETHING to make into a lie.  Thank you for showing this board, how badly desperate you truly are.  You showed your desperation with this….

“Didn't Derrick Holland accuse the JW's of lying when he stated he never had an email by the name of Smokymtnman??

Why would he advertise to Allexperts his email that he once claimed he never had?

And then, Ms. T jumped right in there, and in her own desperation at having been proven to be dishonest and without the integrity to offer a simple apology, she latched right on, as well.  I admit that I figured you might just write a post to yourself about it.  I really wasn’t expecting you to involve her in your lie, and bring her down, as well.  That was really unkind of you.  Here that woman trusts you (her own fault), and you make her look silly, as well.  

She was desperate to save face, and she latched right on, with this statement….

“I do believe he did say that!”

LOL!  I find it a bit odd, humorous, but also quite typical, that you both agree that I denied having an email account with Smokymtnman in it, but neither of your bothered to show where I ever denied that.

We will see why in a moment….

But again, thank you.  That was too easy.

The Link Rando Wouldn\'t Post
The Link Rando Wouldn'  
Rando lies and claims….“Didn't Derrick Holland accuse the JW's of lying when he stated he never had an email by the name of Smokymtnman??

No Rando, I accused YOU of lying, when you said I had an email address of “SmokyMtnMan6593”, which was my YOUTUBE channel, and obviously NOT the email that appeared in the screen shot.  I have no such email as what you claimed, and no other JW said that I did….only you.  It was a figment of YOUR warped imagination.  

So no, I accused YOU of lying.  Because you lied.

Actually, there has never been any denial on my part, as to having an email with the words “Smokymtnman” in it.  I simply have never given Rando my e-mail addresses before.  I’ve never told him what they contained, or didn’t contain. He said my email was SmokyMtnMan6593, and it is not.  Never has been.  Rando is just too dense to know the difference between an email, and a YOUTUBE channel…lol.

I figured you would try to make something out of that….So predictable.  Its really bad when you’re such a liar, that people can guess which lie you will tell next, and then you take the bait that was set for you.  Of course, if you had any character and honesty, you wouldn't have had to worry about it.  

But again, why didn’t he show where this was ever said?  The same reason they never do….It wasn’t said.

And since dear Ms. T was so anxious to find SOMETHING to make me a liar, as well, and “believes” that she recalls my saying that, why didn’t she post where it was said?  The same reason they never do…It wasn’t said.

Now, I will share what WAS said.  In fact, I’m going to not only give the link, but the screen shot, as well.  I’m doing the screen shot, because I want it to be seen what Rando actually DID say, before he goes back and “revises” the answer to read differently.  He does that on occasion, to remove embarrassing comments from the past.

Here is the link regarding the issue of my e-mails, as initially posted by Rando, in March of 2011.….This is where he claims the "denial" took place.  This is quite funny.....

In that link, we have the following statement from Rando.  And readers, please try to remain composed, and not laugh at the stupidity of what you‘re about to read.  I know it will be difficult, though….

RANDO:  “Why is being so devious, sly, and cunning, I have 5 different emails from Derrick Holland he usues to be deceptive and trickery in spreading his gospel of hatred. Apostates hate Jehovah's Kingdom. Didn't you think I catch you being deceiving Derrick?”

"I call him Legion. Here's several of his alias emails.





Now, we can note several things from Rando’s statements above….

1.  He can’t count to “5”.  He claims to have 5 of my emails, but I see listed only 1, 2, 3,.…4.  Just 4.  

Rando, you have 5 fingers on each hand, and 5 toes on each foot….Use them next time, if it will help you.

2.  He lies….the last one, msm1876, is not me.  Rando knows that.  It’s a guy named Mike, from Pittsburgh.  And I HIGHLY recommend the readers check out his Youtube videos under that channel name….msm1876.…Some great stuff on the JW religion.

In fact, Mike called Rando out on his lies back in 2011, as well…This is good reading.  Not only does Mike expose Rando for lying about his Youtube channel, but offers Rando a challenge to discuss the Trinity.  Rando whimped out, as always.…

3.  Rando doesn’t know the difference between e-mail addresses, and Youtube channels.  For these to be email addresses, there would have to be an “@” symbol after the names, followed by “”, “”, “”, or some other email provider.

As they stand above, NONE of them are email addresses.  If Rando is so dense as to think they are, then let him try sending an email, typing in only what is listed above, and see how far he gets.

In fact, the names Rando lists above, are NOT email addresses at all….They are YOUTUBE channels.  The first 3 are mine, and the last one, is not.

4.  Rando is an idiot, who is full of hate, and very desperate.  This is evidenced by the fact that he claims these are “aliases”, and attempts to be deceptive.  

Deceptive?  Hmm….The first one he lists, contains my first name, the first letter of my last name, and my birth year. The third one he lists, contains my initials, my state, and my birth year.  

Yeah, I see what he means about my trying to be deceptive.  Obviously an attempt to hide who I am….LOL!  Everybody who is trying to hide who they are, puts their name, state, and birth year, in their title.  Sorry, but that is just too funny!  

The second one he lists, is as I said above, a YOUTUBE channel, not an e-mail.   

Now he lies and claims I said I had no email containing the words “smokymtnman”.  Never said any such thing.  I said that SmokyMtnMan6593, is not an email that I have.  It is a YOUTUBE channel.

5.  Rando was apparently on some sort of drugs or alcohol, when he typed that paragraph.  I mean, seriously....

"Why is being so devious"?
"to be deceptive and trickery"?
"Didn't you think I catch you being deceiving Derrick”?

And then proceeds to list Youtube channels, and calls them "emails".

Only a person with something wrong up top, writes like this, and lies like this.  
Now, it is quite obvious from his latest desperate attempt to find a lie, but only falling for the set up instead, that the screen shot I sent to Ms. T, does NOT show “SmokyMtnMan6593”, as the email.  It shows smokymtnman_1, as part of the email address.  

Rando or Ms. T….I challenge you to show where I ever once denied having an email with “smokymtnman” in it.  

Once again, caught in a lie. Fact is, none of those are emails.  They are Youtube channels.  In fact, I even GAVE the YOUTUBE channel under discussion, to a PUBLIC questioner, back in 2012.…

So, where’s this so-called “denial” that we just read about this morning?  Can you post it, Rando?  Ms. T?  Didn’t think so.

And Rando, I do not have an email with the name SmokyMtnMan6593.  Never have had one.  That is what you claimed, and that is what I denied.  So, you made yourself look stupid, and you made your trusting friend, Ms. T, look stupid.  But really, that's her own fault for trusting you to start with.  She should know better.  

Well, I guess that one is settled.  Anyway, I thought the readers could use a little humor, and another example of how the wicked and lying Rando is so desperate, that he’s willing to make such a fool out of himself.  

So, I’ll provide the links, as they posted in 2011, and also a screen shot of Rando’s post, before he has the chance to go and edit it.

Rando’s ramblings….

My response:

Poor Rando….He’s been trying for years to get just ONE lie on me, but he just can’t seem to.  He, on the other hand, gets caught lying on a weekly basis.

Besides, if he wants to talk about aliases and trying to be devious, then let’s point out that he has more identities than anybody here….”Rando”, “Joseph”, “Linda”, “Jay Barns”, and was also HIGHLY LIKELY to be the one using the name “Chris”, writing that vile profanity which he then used to try and tarnish my name with it.

What a deplorable human being.  And this guy claims to be a JW?  And 2 other JWs here actually support him?  Pathetic.

But Rando….I don’t have an email of SmokyMtnMan6593, as you claim.  But thanks for the endorsement of my YouTube channel, and bringing it to the board‘s attention.  I appreciate it.  

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