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Jehovah the only true living God, the God of all comfort, the God of tender mercies, the God of love has continued to move his purposes for this earth and mankind forward.  

The ministry he has entrusted to his loyal servants continue to show progress.  Honest hearted ones who pray to learn about Jehovah continue to have their prayers answered.   As the truth continues to gather ones out of the dark and into Jehovah's light!

Experience from JW Yearbook:

"The German pioneers who arrived in the early 1930’s had done much work in spreading the good news. Now with an increase in publishers, there were more Yugoslavs who were entering pioneer service. Slovenia, for example, was ready to send experienced pioneers to more distant parts of Yugoslavia where there was a greater need. These pioneers courageously met the challenge of learning new languages and cultures.

“I arrived in Priština, the largest city in Kosovo,” remembers Jolanda Kocjančič. “Albanian and Serbian are spoken there. Though Minka Karlovšek and I did not speak either of those languages, we decided to start preaching, and that is how we learned. At the first house, we met the oldest son of a widow who was of Czech background. We started our presentation in Slovenian mixed with some Serbian expressions, saying, ‘We would like to talk to your household about good news from the Bible.’

“‘Come in,’ he replied, ‘my mother has been expecting you.’

“When we entered, the mother, Ružica, came hurrying to meet us. She explained that 14 days earlier she had prayed to Jehovah asking him to send someone to teach her about him. Her sister, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in what is now the Czech Republic, had repeatedly suggested that she pray to Jehovah for help. Ružica was convinced that our visit was the answer to her prayer. So while Ružica taught us Serbian, we taught her the truth from the Bible. She had student tenants in her house who joined in the Bible study. One of them gave us an Albanian dictionary, which helped us to learn that language.”

This next experience is not from our Yearbooks, but it's an encouraging experience that continues to honor Jehovah and show that God loves and cares for his creations.  Enjoy...

Kingdom Halls have been adding extensions onto their buildings to make an auditorium for the Karen speaking communities.  

One such experience that is going on as I type this is one such project happening at a local Kingdom Hall.  The construction work has been ongoing for a few months now.  A Brother working on the construction project, which by the way is made up of all volunteers, was washing some clothes at a local laundry mat that is very near the construction site.  

A Thai woman entered the laundry mat, the Brother struck up a conversation with her and asked the woman, "Do you know what is going on back there?"  (speaking of the Kingdom Hall construction work).

To his surprise the woman said, "The whole Karen community knows and once its finished I am going to go!"

The Brother noted that the fact that they are building this extension especially for the Karen speaking community has already given a fine Witness!

Another experience not from JW Yearbooks, but shows Jehovah's hand in furthering the importance of learning the truth about God and backing his loyal servants!

With the many Regional and International conventions that had taken place in 2014, some met with several challenges.  One such challenge was that during the same weekend that one convention of Jehovah's Witnesses was to be held, an Airshow had also been scheduled.

On the first day of the convention the Jets started practicing for their show that was to be held over the next two days. The Jets flying over head later that afternoon were so loud that the speaker could barely be heard and at times not heard at all.  Many who attended were wondering how they would be able to hear and enjoy the meetings over the next two days during that Airshow which were so loud and thunderous.

Many JW's, as was later found out, prayed to Jehovah individually regarding this situation.

The Airshow is an event that is prepaid by buying tickets and once one pays for the ticket it is not refundable, even if the show doesn't go on.  One report said the Airshow has never been cancelled in its entirety, maybe one day out of the two, not entirely.  And another report was said that in the over 25 years of that Airshow, it's only not gone on about 2 times.  

But with Jehovah all things are possible!  

As JW's went to the second day of the convention, to their delight, the Airshow had been cancelled, not just for one day but the entire Airshow!  Their prayers had been answered!

Jehovah answers prayers of his loyal servants!!  Thanks to Jehovah the convention went on without any interruptions!

Another encouraging experience was told on our JW Broadcasting channel of how one facility owner that JW's wanted to rent for a Convention in 2014 refused to rent to the Witnesses.  The JW's tried on several occasions to rent the facility but kept being met with a No.  The JW's asked if they could meet with him in person.  The facility owner agreed to meet them in person but also said it was of no use because the answer would still be no.  Well the JW's of course made it a matter of prayer to Jehovah and met with the facility owner in person.  After their meeting the man said he didn't know why he was changing his mind but they could rent the facility!!

Well we know why!!

Our God is God!

Jehovah who alone is the Most High (Ps. 83:18) wants all sorts of people to be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth!

1 Timothy 2:3,4 "This is fine and acceptable in the sight of our Savior, God, 4 whose will is that all sorts of people should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth."

Happy are those whose God is Jehovah, who puts their trust in Jehovah!

Psalms 146:5,6 "Happy is the one who has the God of Jacob as his helper, Whose hope is in Jehovah his God, 6 The Maker of heaven and earth, Of the sea, and of all that is in them, The One who always remains faithful,"

The more I volunteer on this site the more I am so very happy to a part of an organization that has the help of a loving God! The only true living God Jehovah!

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I am an active baptized Jehovah's Witness and Jehovah is Almighty God,(Ps. 83:18) and his Son Jesus Christ died so that everyone exercising faith in him may not be destroyed but have everlasting life. (John 3:16). I support my fellow Witnesses on this board who are real, and Jehovah's worldwide visible organization, including the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. As God is not a God of disorder, and there could not be order if there were not ones to take the lead. Taking the lead and having a leader is not the same, our leader is Jesus Christ, and in order to have unity and order, there has to be arrangements in place. As the first century Christians had, there were men taking the lead, (Acts 6:1-6) as with Moses, (Exodus 18:21) and in our day, in following with Bible truths, we do the same. When people twist that around to us worshiping men, it is just a straight out lie! Why would the Scripture at 1 Tim. 3:1-10, 12, 13 give the criteria for men reaching out for an office of overseer if that was not meant to be? (Phil 1:1, Acts 20:17, 28, Eph. 4:11, 12, 2 Cor. 3:4-6). If we were not supposed to have men who take the lead, why was this scripture penned? James 5:14-15 "Is there anyone sick among YOU? Let him call the older men of the congregation to [him], and let them pray over him, greasing [him] with oil in the name of Jehovah. 15 And the prayer of faith will make the indisposed one well, and Jehovah will raise him up. Also, if he has committed sins, it will be forgiven him."

If you have legit questions and want to know the truth, please ask, but if you are here to spread your lies and twists of the scriptures or get your falsehoods out, you may get rejected! The truth is from the Bible, if what you say does not harmonize with the Bible then what you say is wrong! Context and other scriptures help determine scriptures that may stump us, let scripture interpret scripture. The Bible does not contradict itself, so if what you are being taught or if what you are teaching makes it seem like the Bible is contradictory, remember it's not the Bible it's the man-made teaching! Doctrines of men! Mark 7:6, 7 "He said to them: “Isaiah aptly prophesied about YOU hypocrites, as it is written, ‘This people honor me with [their] lips, but their hearts are far removed from me. 7 It is in vain that they keep worshiping me, because they teach as doctrines commands of men." (also Romans 10:2, 3)

Matthew 24:14 says "And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come." We are doing that today, we are living in times of Bible Prophecy and as a Jehovah's Witness, we have the privilege to be apart of a prophecy spoken by Jesus himself! The good news of the Kingdom. Ask yourself, what kingdom? then read Daniel 2:44! It's a real government. Take heed now! Listening to men over God will mean your life.(Prov 3:5,6, Ps. 146:3) A lie will never become truth, No matter how long or how many people say it or speak it. Learn what the Bible really teaches, seek out Jehovah's ways, serving God in truth is only acceptable to him,(John 4:23, 24) you can not be serving God acceptably if what you believe is a lie! Pray for understanding and ask Jehovah to search your heart and draw you! (John 6:44, 65) Now is the time to be with the people who are called by Jehovah's name! (Acts 15:14, 17, Isa. 43:7, 10, Zech 8:23)

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