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Hello again Brother Abdijah. In a past reply to someone else you gave the link below to a narrative by Robert King to another questioner.

After watching the very interesting link, a choice of other videos comes up, so I clicked on:
Apocalypse Report 1 by Robert King

Listening to his narrative I find that although he says he agrees with JW’s, he goes on to say that their understanding of the Apocalypse is wrong.
Now, I have little understanding of world finances etc. or indeed the prophecies so I cannot be sure if his version of the prophesy is correct or flawed. So I thought you might like to watch his talk and let me know what you think.
I do know that JW’s never lay claim to being prophets, but in any case I would like to know what you think.
Kind regards Fergus.

Ps. You can make this question private or public, whichever you wish.

Hello again Fergus.

You must have me confused with someone else, because I have never provided a link for anyone to e-watchman. After receiving your question I Googled e-watchman and it appears to be an anti—Witness web site.

Without having watched the video, however, what the Faithful & Discreet Slave explains about Revelation (Apocalypse) makes a lot of sense to me mainly because they use Scripture to explain Scripture. Wild beasts representing human governments can be traced directly back to Daniel, in addition to the fact the Revelation itself says they are kings or kingdoms. (Revelation 17:9—13 )

Another example is the fact that Babylon the Great represents all the false religions of the world, since they all pretty much have their start in ancient Babylonia.

So I am happy to accept the information from them because they are correct the majority of the time, and the few times they have been mistaken in their explanation or understanding, this is revealed to them through their continuous study of Scripture, and they always correct themselves.


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