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QUESTION: In Acts 7:59-60 Stephen prays to Jesus. What do you think about that?

ANSWER: Hello Timothy and thank you for writing,

You said:   "In Acts 7:59-60 Stephen prays to Jesus. What do you think about that?"

I actually explained this verse once before to someone, but I can't remember when or who, so I'll do it again.  

Timothy first let me say, I know that it's hard to change a belief that has been told you and that you have come to truly believe.  But you must now believe the Bible not what someone has told you that makes no sense.  It's not all right that these teachings are illogical, this is not all right with God, as he only accepts worship that is in TRUTH (John 4:24) and all of God's truths are logical and reasonable.  The Bible is quite clear that Jesus is not Almighty God. BUT unless it is granted by the Father for you or anyone else to understand that, then you and anyone else will not see that.  You must let go of falsehood and accept the truth about God from his Word the Bible before it's too late!    

Just like many children are lied to by their parents that Santa Claus is real and they really believe it.  But once those children find out that he really doesn't exist, they must face the truth, no matter how much they want him to be real he's just not real.  Some children are very upset when they find out they've been lied to all this time.   Timothy, as much as you want the Trinity teaching to be real, it's just not, it's a LIE!  A most horrendous lie on God that Satan has deceived people with!  You must face the truth now and believe the Bible!  Instead of trying to prove a lie which will never happen, try learning the truth!  There can't be two different truths, there is but one.  

The word prayer is inserted in this scripture by some Bible translators who were biased to the teaching of the Trinity.  As the word "prayer" or "prays" is not even in this verse at all.  The Greek word from Strong's is 1941 which literally means invoke . and is translated here as "epikaloumenon" (English:  he was calling out or appealing)

This same word is also used when Paul said "I appeal to Caesar" (Acts 25:11).  Are you to say that Paul was hear praying to Caesar?  Why wasn't the word pray inserted here as well?  It's obvious what the ones who translated that verse were trying to do.  

Strong's 1941 epikaloumai  (English:  I appeal).

The definition of invoke is not pray but:  

1a :  to petition for help or support
b :  to appeal to or cite as authority

2:  to call forth by incantation :  conjure

3:  to make an earnest request for :  solicit

4:  to put into effect or operation :  implement

5:  bring about, cause

Stephen "called out to" or more appropiately "appealed" to Jesus because he saw Jesus standing at God's right hand in a vision before he died.  This too should also open your eyes to the fact that Jesus is NOT Almighty God because Stephen saw Jesus standing at God's right hand!  

Acts 7:55 "But he, being full of holy spirit, gazed into heaven and caught sight of God’s glory and of Jesus standing at God’s right hand,"

Ponder on these things......If Jesus is God and the Father is God and the Holy Ghost is God, why did Stephen see Jesus standing at God's right hand?  Two completely separate beings are being mentioned here.  Jesus is no longer a man on earth but in heaven now, so why the separation of the two in heaven if they are but ONE God?   Stephen speaks of two beings, not ONE Trinity Godhead consisting  of 3 distinct persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.  If the Trinity is 3 distinct persons that make up ONE God, then why doesn't Stephen just see that ONE God?   

Explain as I do not know what the Trinity belief is on this, but what happens once Jesus goes back to heaven, is he still fully man and fully God once in heaven?   Since the Trinity teaches that Jesus took back his fleshly body, which had blood by the way, how can flesh reside next to God, when the Father said no man can see him and yet live (Ex. 33:20) ask yourself this, did Stephen actually see Almighty God?  The scripture says No man has seen God at any time (John 1:18)  What does Stephen actually see in this vision?  It said he: caught sight of God’s glory yet he actually see's Jesus standing there.  Think about this!

And how can a body of flesh that has to breathe air, use the bathroom, eat, sleep, etc... be able to exist in an atmosphere void of air, food, and bathroom facilities. Not to mention the Bible clearly says, flesh cannot inherit God's Kingdom (1 Cor 15:50)   Please explain what type of body is it that is standing at God's right hand that Jesus has?  And where is the Holy Ghost at?  This so called Almighty God is not even present most of the time.  

If Jesus is Almighty God then he should see either ONE God revealed in three distinct persons or he should see All Three that equal ONE God!  Yet he does not see ANY of that at all.  He see's what the Bible has taught all along, No man has seen God the Father at any time, He is Almighty God ALONE, and Jesus, who many have seen, is his created Son who died for our sins and was exalted for doing so and is why he's in a favored position, at God's right hand.  Heard of the saying, "right hand man"?  What does that mean?  Most will agree that someone's right hand man is the man out of many who is the most favored, trusted or used.  Not that he is actually that man himself.  

Now if prayer were to be directed to Jesus then Jesus himself would have said so when he was explaining about prayer in Matthew 6.  He would not have given a model prayer letting people know how and who they should pray to if prayers were to be directed to Jesus himself, being the Great Teacher that he was, he would have made it clear that people are to pray directly to him.  Yet Jesus does not say that, he says to pray to his Father!  Since your Trinity belief teaches that The Son is NOT the Father and the Father is NOT the Son,  then even according to your own belief Jesus should not receive prayers!  Can you see why this believe is all over the place and is of disorder?  This is not the wisdom from above!!

Jesus said clearly and simply:

Matthew 6:9 "“You must pray, then, this way:  “‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified."  

He did not say, you must pray then, this way, Our Son....or you must pray to me.

Not one time does Jesus say or teach that prayer is directed to himself!  He himself prayed to his Father, who he also called his God.

Also, the first Century Christians did not pray to Jesus, and Stephen was one.  We see they are teaching their congregations to pray in Jesus' name, to pray through Jesus.  If prayer were directed to Jesus himself, it would make no sense for them to pray to God in Jesus' name or through Jesus period,  if Jesus were actually Almighty God.  

2 Corinthians 1:18-20  "But God can be relied on that what we say to you is not “yes” and yet “no.” 19 For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who was preached among you through us, that is, through me and Sil·vaʹnus and Timothy, did not become “yes” and yet “no,” but “yes” has become “yes” in his case. 20 For no matter how many the promises of God are, they have become “yes” by means of him. Therefore, also through him is the “Amen” said to God, which brings him glory through us."

Since Jesus died for our sins and was given authority to be the King of God's Kingdom and reconciled us to God, our approach to God in prayer is possible because of what Jesus did, and therefore why Jesus himself said:

John 14:6 "Jesus said to him: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Again, Jesus is teaching here and if prayer is to directed to him he would have said so!  His teachings weren't to mislead people or trick them.

So far we have Jesus himself telling us who we should pray to and we also see the first century Christians obeying what Jesus taught.  That prayer is directed to Jehovah, Jesus' Father ONLY and no one else!

The question is will you obey what Jesus taught?

Take care,

Sister T

P.S. Keep seeking and you will find!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Why do Jehovah Witnesses forget that Jesus had TWO NATURES? Human And Divine! Jesus was one person with TWO Natures intertwined into one body. Every Jehovah Witness I talk to do not want to talk about Jesus as Divine.
Jesus Created John 1:1-3
Jesus Forgave Sins Mark 2:1-12
Jesus Gave Eternal Life John 10: 28

If we are not to call on Jesus then why do early Christians even call on Him At All! Stephen is only an example. Why call on Jesus we are not to do so!
A Jehovah Witness Never calls on Jesus Period but early Christians DID DO IT!

Hello Timothy,

Jehovah God created all things, including the laws of nature and everything as well as being the author of the Bible.  All authority that Jesus was given was due to his Father.  No where in the Bible does it say that Jesus had two natures intertwined into one body.  NOWHERE! That is made up and are teachings of demons!

Being divine does not equal being Almighty God.  

Jehovah created all things through Jesus!  

Jehovah gave Jesus the authority to forgive sins

Jehovah sent his son Jesus to die for us and Jesus willingly came and died for us so that we can be saved and have everlasting life.

The Bible is clear that Jesus is not to receive PRAYERS, but we are to PRAY to Jehovah through his son Jesus, or in Jesus' name.  

Stephen did not pray to Jesus, he called out to or appealed to Jesus because he saw him standing there in a vision!  

Early Christians NEVER prayed to Jesus, and JW's do not pray to Jesus, we pray to who Jesus prayed to and who Jesus said we should pray to, his Father, Jehovah.  

You are trying to change the wording...calling on someone or making an appeal to someone is completely different than praying to someone.  

Regardless of what you want to believe and wish was the case, it just is not.  You can not prove from the Bible that early Christians PRAYED to Jesus.  All you can do is take scriptures out of context or add words to the Bible that should not be there.  And as I showed you, Timothy, even Jesus himself specifically tells us who we should pray to, his Father.

You did not answer any of the questions I posed to you.  If you are so convinced of your beliefs then you should be able to prove them from the Bible without contradicting any of the other Bible verses but you just ignored those questions.  That says you aren't interested in what is really truth, but just want to try to prove us wrong and you seem to get upset when you can't do so.  The reason you can't do so is because we follow the Bible and the Bible is not from us, but from God.  You can't fight against God's truth!  

You do not have to accept what the Bible says Timothy, fighting against God's word just never pans out.  You can never prove the Trinity or those false beliefs from the Bible.

Sister T  

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