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According to the watchtower the holy spirit is a (force) yet in new would translation bible
John 16:13 says However, when that (one) arrives -- and (he) is used three times
As if he is some one other then a (force ?) Please explain

There is a figure of speech called personification. That is when a thing or abstraction is represented in the form of a person. People use such figures of speech all the time. For example, people refer to Mother nature. Or here in the cold country we may refer to Old Man Winter. Ships may be referred to as a woman, you might say: 'The waves were really tossing her about.' or 'She hit an iceberg and slit her starboard side.' The Bible also uses personification, referring to death as an enemy and sin as a king that rules over mankind.

The Hebrew word for spirit is ru'ach. And it literally means the wind. So, God's holy wind is the literal wording. The Greek word is similar. It is pneuʹma, which literally means breath, or to blow breath. It is where words like pneumonia and pneumatic (air driven) come from.

In keeping with the literal meaning of the word Jesus once blew upon his apostles and said: "receive holy spirit." Obviously in that setting the holy spirit was not spoken of as a person, but rather, as a power - a force, because that is what it is. It is the power that originates with God.

Fortunately, God is most generous with his spirit. Jesus used an illustration to point this out. He asked fathers which one of them would hand their son a stone if he asked for a piece of bread. In the same way God gives his spirit to those asking. And one of the things God's spirit does, it helps us to think and it teaches us the truth - just like a tutor, like a teacher.

Obviously you are under the influence of the trinitarians who wish to cloak God in obscurity, portraying him as some ridiculous three persons-in-one crazy thing. And in order to do that they have to make the holy spirit into one of the Gods of the triune conglomerate. So, I would advise praying for God to give you his spirit so that you might begin to know the truth. Understanding the truth about the nature of God and Jesus and the holy spirit is essential.

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