Hello Brother Elbert. It is good to know that loyal brothers like you can afford to dedicate some extra time for the sake of the brotherhood.
Please, i need facts concerning moving from one congregation to another. I desire to have information (society references through WT, KM, letters to congregations or elders etc) concerning the transfer of publisher's record card(as well as accompanying letter) to a new congregation AHEAD of the publisher.
What i mean is:
A brother has met with the coordinator/secretary of his intending new congregation that he will be relocating there within a short time, and wants the card to be on its way or have arrived at the new congregation before his final arrival at the new congregation. The coordinator/secretary of his intending new congregation has agreed to this and have contacted the old congregation to send the publisher's card to their congregation pending the publisher's arrival. This is to save time for the publisher so that his theocratic activities can resume fully on arrival at the new congregation without delay. Unfortunately, the secretary of the old congregation refuses to send the publisher's card who is already no longer associating with the congregation.
Discussion with CO's indicate that one can actually request for transfer prior to arrival, but society references om the issue seem hard to locate.
Please, brother, assist in providing society references buttressing this point since all things have to be done theocratically.
Thank you.


Dear brother Yemi ,          

I am searching for answers to your question , but  cant  seem  to come  across  any  official material  on this  Particular subject .i will update this answer as soon as i find out anything

Best  Regards Your  Brother ,Elbert

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