Jehovah`s Witness/Derrick causing trouble again


Hello sir Abdijah. Just saw in the message list a guy from Greece sent you a message where he claims that he was taken for me by Holland.

Im trying to see where is the original message sent to Holland by this guy from Greece and I see nothing in Derrick's messages.

I also see you write I have similar beliefs with this unknown guy. Im NOT an orthodox. I dont know whats the game Holland plays with this guy, so I ask Derrick and his "orthodox" friend to send their emails. Had to check allexperts for a long time, now Im back and I see Holland continues to attack me.

Enough is enough. Somebody needs to finally stop Derrick Holland's satanic establishment in the holy JWs' forum. Get moving! Get out of here Derrick Holland!!! Its not your place, its not Satan's place. Are you really searching for trouble???? Go post your lies in evangelist baptist category!

Well maybe you don't have similar religious beliefs but you both do express yourselves in a similar manner.

In any case I am not going to involve myself in disagreements between users but as I have stated previously I will be happy to answer Bible questions and discuss the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses.


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I will try to answer any question that can be answered from the Bible. I cannot answer questions about personal experiences someone may have had,as I was not there. Sometimes these are true; sometimes they are not. It is not my place to speak of that of which I have no knowledge.


I have been one of Jehovah's Witnesses since mid-1979. I actually studied for several years before that, and was rather critical. However, while that is not the wisest course, it did give me insight into the thinking of opposers of true worship.

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