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Greetings sir and hope to find you well.  My question is regarding this book I heard about on the radio that says the pope that was on watch during Hitlers  reign did nothing to stop the killing of the Jews and also JW's.  It could be that he was afraid that Hitler would turn on the Catholics but when the war was over still he stayed quite.  So the writer claims that this pope  by not speaking against these murderers made it easier for these murderers to continue killing.  My point being that if so then this can be prophesy being fulfilled as to who the whore of Babylon is.

The Vatican actually signed a concordant with Hitler before the Holocaust. But Germany is not considered a Catholic nation. It was predominantly Lutheran. So, while the pope was surely complicit in not resisting the evils perpetrated by the Nazis, so were the Lutherans. So were the protestants.

Of course, its always been that way; religious leaders have almost always supported tyrants and their wars.  

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