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I have read the posts from and your responses to "Tammy" and would urge you to try reading both her letters again without any preconceived ideas or defensive stance. It appears to me and I suspect other readers that you read into her questions things that were not there. For example, nowhere, in my opinion, did she indicate she did not want to get baptized at the time she did. I did not take away from her "crying" experience the meaning you did. You also seemed to quickly establish an unrelated/unjustified charge and proceed to justify your position. Some would call this a straw man approach. As much as you say otherwise both your responses did come across defensive. Was this necessary? Was it necessary to turn things back on the questioner? The "... why didn't you go to the Kingdom Hall" approach was unncessary. It is besides the point, but perhaps someone having a bad experience somewhere would like to find out if things are still the same or being run under some of the same principles before returning. Just a thought. Please revisit and hopefully you will see need for a milder if not different response.

Hi Philip,

Thanks for your take on the situation. I for one am not the deciding factor of whether or not a person wants to return, nor whether or not certain things that take place that one does not agree with.

I really don't want to put out all of the reasons why I said things the way I did, but in lieu of your response/questions I'll say some of why I responded as such.

I just do not believe she is genuine. I just do not believe she is repentant or sorry for what she did.  All I see is pointing fingers at the Elders she didn't want to tell what her immoral acts were.  Did she feel violated when she was involved in sexual immorality being under age?  Did she feel bad that she broke her vow to Jehovah God and brought shame and reproach on his name?  Not one time did I see that or get that from her.  Her main concern was about what happened after her illicit deeds. And basically saying if the practice of letting underage children get baptized wasn't allowed, she would never have gotten baptized and therefore when she decided to commit immorality she wouldn't have had to go and confess in front of the Elders, that's what I got from her.  

Never is there anything like this:  I should not have gotten baptized when I was 10, I made the mistake of doing something that I was not ready for.  And I made a bigger mistake by fallen prey to sexual immorality and having to confess it to the Elders which really made me feel horrible.  I really want to get back to Jehovah and I'm sorry for sinning against God.

See her very question about if that practice is still being done tells me right off the bat she is not genuine.

Then to say, "Whenever someone asks me what I disagree with this is one of the examples I give. And every JW seem to agree with me."

So if every JW seem to agree with her, then why ask me about something that you can ask every JW that you're already talking to about.

Then to say this:  "Does this practice still continue especially in light of JW's issues with the handling of child molestation situations?"

So she claims to know about issues with the handling of child molestation situations but she does not know if young people are still baptized or if young people who are baptized have to confess their sins once caught?  I'm sorry, I don't buy it.   

I showed scriptures why it's necessary to confess wrong doing after being baptized and yet she said I cannot show her one scripture that says it.  

I read carefully what people write, and aside from the sad things about crying and feeling violated, which happened because she decided to break a vow that she made.  I also read specific things that let me know it's not about returning.  It's about something else.  I do not feel sorry for people who deliberately commit sins and think it's all right, talk against God's arrangements and then instead of changing their wrong ways and or thoughts they want to blame others.  I did not detect one ounce of repentance in her words for breaking a vow that she made to Jehovah.  All I saw was it's wrong for underage kids to get baptized and it's wrong for the Elders to talk to underage girls who have committed sexually immoral acts and do not want to talk about it. Then when I didn't fall for whatever game she's playing she tried to make it seem like she wanted to return but it's my fault now that she isn't.   

I explained why it's necessary regarding the way things are done, and how it's possible for young ones to be happy in their choice of getting baptized.  In fact the example I gave of Samuel being about 5 when he was taken to the temple and served Jehovah as a Nazarite his entire life and never once strayed away may have been too old, he may have been 3 years old comparing 2 Chronicles 31:16.

But her own words clearly stated, "At about 20 years old I became inactive because I do not share the same beliefs"

See here as well, she's engaging in sexual immorality for who knows how long, gets pregnant and ends up having a baby at 20 years old.  So she wanted to engage in this activity and the result was pregnancy, so did she become inactive at 20 because of not sharing the same beliefs or was it because she got herself pregnant and couldn't hide her deeds any longer?  It's just too much that just doesn't add up.  How do I know she had a baby at 20 you may ask?  From her own words, she got baptized in 1988 at 10, she has a 17 year old child, which means she had the child when she was 20. (Depending on her birth month she could of had the child at 19)

She is welcome to write another expert or attend a Kingdom Hall near her if she decides to repent and return.  Was it necessary to tell her to go to the Kingdom Hall you asked?  If a person truly wants to return Philip, that's the second step in returning, is attending the meetings, so no it's not besides the point, it is the point!  (Heb. 10:24,25)

But I'm not here to debate with you nor her.  My take on it is different than yours and hers.  I still feel the same, even more so now that you have written to me.

Good Day,

Sister T

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