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Good day! I have a question to ask about your religion's teachings related to following the law and I will be asking it of different Witnesses. In light of all of the media coverage of Kim Davis in Kentucky and her refusal to violate her religion by issuing licenses for gay marriages, I got to wondering about how Jehovah Witnesses would handle similar circumstances, if their religionís teachings violated what their job description is.

Suppose a JW works in a hospital as a nurse. If that person were asked to help administer a blood transfusion to a patient, or even if they were asked to get the blood bag, would they comply? If another JW works say in a grocery store deli and were asked to write Happy Birthday on a cake, would they comply, or refuse? If a JW were a cashier at a store and must check out a person buying tobacco products, do they decline to do so, or do they simply feel that they are not responsible for what the person buys?

Would the response be the same for all Jws in all of the above situations, or would it vary by the person, or by the situation? Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply.

Hi Bill:

It would depend upon a number of factors; each case is different. In many instances it may well be a conscience matter, while in others it would be a violation of a direct Bible instruction.

In the case in the news, the clerk indicated she has no problem with marriage licenses being issued generically, but she does not want them issued bearing her signature. This seems to be a logical position.

(By the way, regardless of what the courts claim, she has violated no law - the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution says one cannot be prohibited from the free exercise of one's religion.)

As to things like tobacco sales, a Christian must consider their position in the store -- are they a general clerk or are they specifically assigned to selling tobacco products? Is the nurse in the hospital assigned to supply the operating room, or specifically to supply blood products?

Of course a Christian would not participate in actively attaching a blood supply to a patient's IV but beyond that it would be up to what their conscience would allow.

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