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confusedpioneer wrote at 2010-10-06 05:20:12
My wife has  unscripturally divorced me.I have tried

everything I can ,went to her elders,went to mine,

contacted the circuit overseer , then back to her elders.

What I want to know is how can she be in good standing.

Elders dis-fellowship   for smoking for goodness sake.

Here's what the Watchtower says.

 “Still no matter how challenging the situation is, a true Christian knows that

A unscriptural divorce is not a acceptable solution  04-14-08  Watchtower pg 17

Para 5

“In fact Gods word states that Jehovah hates a divorce that has no Scriptural basis”

04-14-08  Watchtower pg 17  Para 3

*** w81 7/1 p. 20 The God of Love Hates a Divorcing ***

[Picture on page 20]

“Unscriptural Divorce is sin against others”

Jehovah ,Mate, Individuals ,Congregation

w81 7/1 p. 22 par. 21 The God of Love Hates a Divorcing ***

21 Truly it is with good reason that the God of love hates a divorcing. Treacherous divorcing is sinning against God, against one’s mate, against the Christian congregation with which one is associated and against the individuals within it, as this action may well cause some to be stumbled. But how fine it is that Jehovah’s Witnesses in general are not persons inclined toward divorcing! They are known as a people who earnestly strive to apply God’s counsel regarding marriage. This makes them happier persons. And their strong, happy marriages are often noticed by others, drawing some to the truth.

*** w81 7/1 p. 19 par. 11 The God of Love Hates a Divorcing ***

Thus in one New York City congregation a rather prominent woman took this wrongful course and shortly thereafter two other younger women were emboldened to follow her example. With good reason the apostle Paul warns against stumbling others.—Phil. 1:9, 10

“opting for divorce OR separation when a couple has no scriptural grounds

Dishonors marriage” (  Watchtower website)

(Titus 2:3-5) . . .Likewise let the aged women be reverent in behavior, not slanderous, neither enslaved to a lot of wine, teachers of what is good; 4 that they may recall the young women to their senses to love their husbands, to love their children, 5 to be sound in mind, chaste, workers at home, good, subjecting themselves to their own husbands, so that the word of God may not be spoken of abusively.

*** Multiple Articles *** it-1 p. 643

As genuine disciples, they would not violate the original divine principles governing marriage by divorcing their mates on any grounds other than the one Jesus specified, namely “fornication”

w71 5/15 p. 310 They Lie to God! ***  “Terrible thing”

that God will not hold such a one guiltless for the terrible thing that he or she would thus do to the mate. God will require an accounting.—Heb. 4:13.


Just how binding does Jehovah consider the contract entered into by a person, particularly by one who considers himself a Christian? His Word says that those “false to agreements . . . are deserving of death.” If such a person does not repent, change his thinking and ways and seek forgiveness, he is in a very dangerous position.—Rom. 1:31, 32

All I can say is my faith is in danger of being shaken.

I feel betrayed by the Elders  

Disc Gusted wrote at 2013-06-05 19:12:19
Mine did the same thing, I did what you did too to try and save the marriage. No response. Some elders and responsible ones encourage and assist sisters to do this!!! One of these elders in the Houston area was going to my ex's house alone during times we were apart, under the pretense of studying with her son, although he knew we were having marital problems! She would come out into the living room kitchen area in her night clothes and not even know he was in the house! Wondering when Jehovah is going to punish elders who encourage and influence this kind of thing?

Wonder why Jehovah has not humiliated the false goddesses Queens Vashti & Jezebel in our day? The "spirit", or mental attitude, of these wicked queens is more worshiped today than in ancient times. My faith is wavering too over this mess!...still, if we lose faith we lose our lives along with the rest of the wicked too. I only hope and pray brothers like us can hold on...

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