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littleone wrote at 2007-06-08 20:22:20
It is very dangerous to say or assume that apostasy is "rebelling", or "turning away" from an "organization".  Rather, it is an act against or turning away from Jehovah and/or his son Jesus Christ.  

Throughout the scriptures we can read about Israel, God's chosen people, in a state of rebelliousness.  In most cases it was the "few" who remained faithful, while the rest of the nation fell into apostasy... often being led by their Kings or Priests into rebellion. Jehovah was gracious and merciful and would send "prophets" to the people to warn them of their impending doom.  Some times they would listen... but not very often.  These prophets would many times have to stand against the "organizational" arrangement that was set in place.  But their loyalty was to Jehovah, and not to the organizational arrangement in place.  They always put Jehovah first.  

In John the Baptist's day, he stood against the "organizational" arrangement set in place.  He called the scribes and pharisees, "Offspring of vipers".  They were the leaders of Jehovah's people at the time.  Although Jehovah had allowed this arrangement to exist, he did not say that the arrangement was infallible.  Rather, if one examines the scriptures, you will notice that every earthly arrangement that Jehovah had set up eventually turned to apostasy, and was replaced by a new arrangement.

So standing against the "organizational" arrangement does not necessarily mean that one is an apostate.  If someone is correct in a scriptural belief, while the "organization" is wrong, then that CANNOT be taken from that individual.  If that individual were disfellowshipped because of it, surely he would not be disfellowshipped in Jehovah's eyes.  Also, there would be an accounting before Jehovah for whoever did "lay hand" on one of his faithful would there not?

I guess my point is that apostasy is turning away from "JEHOVAH and his son Jesus Christ", and ONLY JEHOVAH and his son.  Blind obedience to any organization is a form of IDOLATRY.  Why?  Because if you put an organization before Jehovah, then you make that organization your God.  If such an organization teaches that you should do so, then it has set itself in God's thrown... and made itself an idol, inciting Jehovah to jealousy.

JJ2014 wrote at 2015-02-28 04:52:24
I found Soloman Landers' willingness to answer this question about "APOSTASY" within the Jehovah's Witnesses quite interesting, as I found interesting Soloman Landers' biographical statement that he had been a Jehovah's Witness for 50 years when he answered this question in 2007.

It is true that Soloman Landers was baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses around 1956. However, around 1963, when Soloman Landers was 21 years-old, Landers and the WatchTower Society formanlly went their separate ways. Given his age, I would guess that that decision was made by the WatchTower Society rather than Landers.

Thereafter, Soloman Landers began espousing "apostate" beliefs about the WatchTower Society and the Jehovah's Witnesses. Particularly, Landers' espoused the interpretations and teachings of the "evil slave class" Bible Students.

Additionally, in later years, Landers' Biblical research led him to espouse many Biblical interpretations different than those espoused by the WatchTower Society -- the very definition of "apostasy".

Soloman Landers also associated online freely with known, active opponents of the WatchTower Society -- again, something that would get many other JWs disfellowshipped.

Apparently, when Landers died in 2013, he died as a "JW in good standing" given that he received a Kingdom Hall funeral.

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