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Birdee14 wrote at 2012-12-20 21:38:08
The Holy Spirit can be likened to a MAP, in some instances. To help the seeker FIND that valued prize. Thekey here is that A Person woud be seeking to do God's will and to better himself

The Holy Spirit can also be likened to Medication for the sick.

It can be likenedto Eye Glasses, a Cane, food etc.

In that sense it is a Helper.

It does Not acton it's own ,hense IT is GIVEN to/away/sent. It does Not act on its own in this respect. It must help GOD and whom he choses to help.

When one asks God for help to overcome some bad habit or to endure then God if he wishes can grant, "Power beyond what is normal" to get them through. But again that person Must be doing something that God Wills or approves of. We humans cannot command the Spirit only Jesusand his Father God.

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I can answer any Bible questions that most people today are wondering about. Why do we suffer and grow old and die? Does God care? What is God`s name. Is there a Trinity? Who is the ruler of this world? What is going to happen to the world? What happens to us when we die? We all have questions from time to time which put doubts in us, but once we have a true understanding of the scriptures we can put those doubts behind us and get a true sense of security toward our future.


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Any one of us, as Jehovah's Witnesses, have had such a numerous number of Bible students and conversations at doors. The people we run into vary from housewifes, to homeless, to doctors. Everyone has the same questions and doubts and fears! We are all human, no matter what station in life we may hold. And everyone deserves the opportunity to live forever.

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