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Brother Rando wrote at 2007-10-02 13:41:14
Actually, the whole world was condemned, no matter what your race.  Until Abram befriended God.  Abram was a Hebrew and God promised him he multiply his seed to a mighty nation.  There is no perfect earthly organization since people are imperfect themselves. However, since the true religion rejected Jesus as Christ the Jews as a nation are no longer God's chosen people.  Jehovah God appointed a King to rule over a Kingdom which Jesus is the King.  In the last days a faithful and discreet slave as been appointed to help gather the Great Crowd and to supply food at the proper time.  This is what your experiencing today.

Here's a few scriptures for you to look up.

False Christians hate using Jehovah's name and in most translations of the bible they have removed God's Name Jehovah and replaced it with "the Lord" so when you read a bible that is not accurate you get the reading, "the Lord"" instead of the actual translation which is Jehovah or Jehovah God. There are scriptures that were prophesied in both the Old and New Testaments that indicates the True Religion. However, few are the ones finding the road that leads to life. (Mathew 7:14) Jehovah himself utters that, "You Are My Witnesses." (Isaiah 43:10) Notice in Isaiah 43:11 Jehovah states there is no savior besides him. Jesus gladly gives all credit to his Father saying the Father is Greater than I. (John 14:28) Today, we are to follow Jesus Christ for he IS THE FAITHFUL WITNESS (Rev 1:5) and he is the Head of our Congregation (Col 1:18) JW is the One and True Religion. Amen. (Rev 3:14)

Raymond wrote at 2007-10-07 17:09:55
Bro Randy It makes me sick to my stomach to read your hyprociscy.Throw that nwt of the scripture away because it is SATANS book. The very lies that you morons promote are a slap in Gods face.I Raymond Harper challange any and all 7 million of you devils to answer this simple quote your own scripture as Isiah 43 ;11 Jehovah states that there is no savior but you moron tell me who it was that hung on that tree?Jesus or Jehovah Read your own bible and open your eyes you idiot. what does John 10:30 say you forked tongue devilI will be watching for your response

Bro Rando wrote at 2012-12-13 20:48:56
What happened to your three person trinity?  If you claim Jesus is now Jehovah and Jehovah died, where is your savior Derrick Holland?  Trinitarians soooo Hypocritical!  So his demonic message?  God died?  Oh really demon-man....

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Over 40 and more years with my wife in Bible education activity in several states as Jehovah's Witnesses. Our allegience is to Jehovah God through Christ ,not his organization! It is not a perfect organization, it makes mistakes(not doctrinally)in dealing with fellow worshippers, but continues to try to improve! Outstanding in providing focused view through its literature in to the marvelous "DIVINE LIBRARY" as Jerome coined the Bible! Yet, as a people my wife & I have not found any other organization with the accuracy of doctrine in view of the Bible and sincerety in trying to follow Christs example!

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