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Jehovah`s Witness/IS the watchtower indirectly investing in DOD technologies?


Calvin J wrote at 2013-03-14 19:32:34
Regi us/reg tech/sky tech are all pretty much the same company, just different company names for different countries/sectors.  John Robertson is the president for each of these. Now, as for what the company does, it's mainly invested in two technologies, being very small and based out of Vancouver they lack funding. These investitures are; the Rand Cam Engine, a rotary vane engine that is quite out of this world. Fast release and stable storage hydrogen fuel cell.  Skytech is the company mainly dealing with the U.S. military branches. The Rand Cam Engine was looked at for aviation purposes, mainly in helicopters due to its lack of needing a gearbox.  It was also looked at for small generator power packs which soldiers would carry on their backs due to it being very fuel efficient, compact and lightweight with very little vibration.   The company has basically been moving at a snails pace and have just now begun actual testing of a modern prototype of the engine.   The technology is far more advanced than the current reciprocating engines used today and makes the Wankle Engine look like a bad dream. Due to money hungry fuel suppliers, this efficient design was shunned by the big four. It's almost criminal.   A 100lb reciprocating engine produces roughly 73hp, a 100lb Rand Cam Engine can produce in excess of 563hp(depending on fuel used and number of vanes).   The fact that it is run by J.W.'s has nothing to do with the U.S. government, there are no plots or favorites, it's just the way it is.  Hopefully the world will realize the need for this new technology. China has recently started to develope methane hydrate drilling and capture technologies, this engine could revolutionize humanity. It uses any combustible fuel.   Cheers.  

Derrick wrote at 2013-03-16 13:22:40
Thanks for the input, Calvin.  As one who studies JWs, my main question and concern on this issue, is whether or not the Watchtower Society is in fact, a 50% stockholder in a company that produces engines for military purposes, and if they in fact received money off of the manufacture of these engines.

Could you comment on that one particular point?  As you may or may not know, the Watchtower opposes ALL military organizations and all involvement with the military.  So, if the above fact is true, then it is quite hypocritical of them.  That is what I am concerned with...not the technology itself, or its usefulness.  

Can you elaborate?

Calvin wrote at 2013-04-02 18:41:53
It's funny how all the information has been covered up to the Nth degree.  I'll speak about your question from first hand knowledge of dealing with John Robertson and the other JW's involved in this venture.   I was just a boy when this tech came out, we have relatives who are JW's as they married into the family and that's how I learned of it, I actually did a science fair project and won 2nd place with the info I provided.  I've followed this tech/company from day one.  After James McCann came to invent the design of a rotary engine he sold the design to John Robertson, they are both JW's.  McCann had stated that any profits from this tech would benefit the WT as a donation, he was to control majority interests while Robertson helped secure funding, engineering and marketing.  The Watch Tower Society doesn't own anything in regards to Reg tech or Regi US, but, here's where things get grey, and I saw first hand what was happening.  The WT is basically a societal congregation, it's not an entity into its own right, it is made of members.  Robertson and all his JW lackeys are in control of the WT, they in turn as individuals or as corporate entities control interests of Reg tech, Regi US & Skytech.  This technology is being used by the US military, they have actually helped devote engineers to this tech in order to help the design/fabrication process along.   Robertson and his lackeys have used their JW influences and connections to suck every penny they could out of potential investors. I remember my uncle, who actually sat on the Board of Directors for Reg Tech and has major influence in his chapter going around to everyone he could like the typical door knocking salesman he is and finding investments everywhere. This would have been great had the tech actually taken off and made us all rich as shareholders, but its done nothing but leave a sour taste in our mouths.  The monthly newsletters turned into quarterly updates which turned into yearly updates which turned into nothing.   This venture actually even left a bad taste in the mouths of the closes investors, friends of my uncle and Robertson.  The fact that they swindled the WT own members into investing doesn't change that fact that ultimately, the WTS didn't actually invest any of its savings into this venture.  No funds have ever been paid to any of Robertsons companies which amounted to any donations on behalf of McCann.  So you see the grey area, fact is fact, yet a majority of JW's out there could tell you they know of someone who invested.  At the time it was public knowledge that the US Military was considering this engine in their helicopters.  

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