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glitter-box wrote at 2010-04-07 21:36:21
Hi to all. Has anyone also noticed that the company CGJL, has its "Certificate of Valuation" apprased and signed by a David Saad. These jems are then being sold on the ebay site called skyjems. The company is called Muzo Mine Emerald Co, and the owner is David Saad!!!. So he is selling jems with a "Certificate of Valuation" (that you have to pay extra for) that he has written himself!!!.

He also offers a " refund" of 105% of your purchase price if your "own" valuation" shows the purchased stone is not "apprased" to the amount he or the "Certificate of Valuation" advises.

BUT!! you cant go to a normal Jewelry store for it to be "apprased" you have to send it to a "Independant Gemological Laboratory!!!.

As this costs hundreds of pounds and takes weeks to get an answer too you could never get an "Apprasal" done and back to you in the "7 days" that you have to inform him your not happy so he can then refund you the magic 105%. !!!!.


sw1c wrote at 2011-02-22 06:49:49
I have been looking at this seller, the 105% return is if they have something appraised and GIA or another gemology lab says its worth less they give you 105% back of what you paid.

Terry wrote at 2015-12-25 22:10:16
CGJL is owned by the people who own Skyjems/Muzomines.  So they're essentiay appraising their own stones, normally a big red flag and considered unethical in the gemstone trade.  However....

These guys are reputable sellers.  They even own some Columbian Emerald mines.  And I've had a couple of their stones run through places like GIA just to see how accurate or inaccurate the certs were.  They checked out, and the "replacement values" on the CGJL certs even seemed a bit conservative.  Unfortunately, they aren't going to be accepted like a cert from GIA, EGL, etc.  So if you want to use the cert to resell the stone, it won't be very useful.  But if you just want some accurate info about the stone itself they're worth getting, especially considering how inexpensive they are.

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