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Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals/Maybe a blue topaz ring but SYN/ST on ring


Gulianna wrote at 2011-11-26 16:10:30
Hi I also have ring made by W&G with similar markings .Mine was my grandmothers .It has a very larg blue stone so think we have similar rings .The markings on mine are :W&G 9 375 anchor T

Have you found out any more on your ring as I am wondering if the stone is a topaz or just glass. Any information would be gratefully received

Regards Gulianna  

Judith wrote at 2012-02-26 10:55:34
I have one too!  Did you learn any more?  All I know is that the hallmark is for Birmingham 1991.  Best wishes, Judith

AJ wrote at 2013-03-13 13:52:18
Hello I have a similar ring ,mine has s ..which I think is a 1917 ring .So I am sure the rings must be blue Topaz!  

Aj wrote at 2013-03-13 15:04:43
Hello again ,my ring is very similiar has the S but not the yn/s

t ..maybe its worn away ? But I don't think so ...the rest of markings are the same.However I think the gold is quite brassy looking ,even though its ment to be early 9 ct gold .

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