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MOLLY BARKER wrote at 2009-08-19 10:55:39
ım not sure ı agree wıth your answer Thomas ı own and run a small silver shop and amber ıs a very difficult stone to not only clean but also to restore after ıts come ınto contact wıth any chemicals especıally those that are pregnated into silver polishing cloths. the only way ı have ever been able to bring back a piece of amber ıs by fırst washing ın luke warm water and very mild soap thıs cleans the silver around the stone also after rınse wıth lots of water to ensure no soap remains and after buffıng the stone wıth olıve oıl and cotton wool however wıth some stones dependıng on the quality there ıs a plasic lıke finish applied to the stone which over the space of a few short months starts to peel off and dıscolour, if this is the case as ı belıve ıt ıs as this plasic finish ıs affected by chlorine, the finish must first be removed before the olıve oıl can be applied ıts a slow process and several applıcatıons of oıl are often needed before the amber ıs fully restored but ıt does work. the best rule ı ahve found through bıtter exsperıance ıs to sımply remember that amber should only be cleaned wıth natural substances. water and olıve oıl. No cloths no cleanıng fluids No chemicals what so ever. good luck =>

Amber wrote at 2015-07-01 18:32:05
The pool chemicals were probably the least of the problem.  A quick internet search reveals that it is apparently widely known in some circles that WATER itself makes amber cloudy.  Why jewelers don't tell you to be aware of this when you purchase your amber piece is beyond me.  I mean, most of us would consider immersing your hands in water with an amber ring on innocuous.  But it's not.  Try a non-abrasive toothpaste to buff the shine back into the amber.  Failing that, take it to a jeweler and have it polished professionally (although all this does is remove the topmost cloudy layer).  There, simple question, simple answer.

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