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johnny wrote at 2013-12-30 01:47:58
Ahha! I might have an answer here, I have some amature  experience in the art of crystallization. And from my experience the explanation of this fuzzy bridges of crystals may be due to the cohesion of the saturated solution of boric acid and alcohol, at the beginning crystals start to form as the solubility of the boric acid reaches a maximum as the alcohol evaporates and the boric acid is forced out of the solution and naturally precipitates on a network of boric acid molecules. as the thin tall crystals progress to grow beyond the height of the solution the crystal behaves as a wick because of the cohesion of the solution, when the solution is carried out onto the crystal the alcohol will evaporate quicker depositing molecules on the newly formed crystal therefore expanding the crystals overall dimensions. As this continues the lattice of crystals is easily visible and distinguishable but that is just a hypothesis, it seeks further testing.

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