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I just picked up my ring after taking it in to have it re-sized.  I did not notice in the store but once a returned home...the ring in now what looks to be 2 tone white and yellow gold.  The ring itself is a thick band with 12 baguette diamonds 1.5c vertically channel set around the center of the band and a solid lip above and below the center channel.  The upper and lower lip are still yellow gold be now the center channel circumference  of the ring is now what looks to be white gold.  Hence my now 2 tone ring.  Could the center portion of the ring have been somehow gold plated while the upper and lower lip were true yellow gold at the time of purchase?!?  Could the rouging and heating process have caused that plating to come off?  I will revisit the jeweler tomorrow but wanted to try to educate myself before returning to speak with him.  To be honest I like the look of the ring even better now but am perplexed at how the color change could have occurred.  I did not buy the ring at this jeweler and the ring is about 15yrs old.

Thank you!

Dear Aubrey,  

Jewelry is quite difficult to describe but I believe I am corrrectly visualizing what you have said.  Please tell me if what I say is correct regarding your ring:  The channel itself is now white in color.  The channel is the recessed area into which the diamonds are set, the part of the ring directly below the gemstones.

If this is not correct, please get back with me. Fair enough?

The reason I ask is basic to manufacturing methods often used in channel set jewelry.  To help improve the appearance of the stones, the channel is given a rhodium plate. This puts a white surface beneath and along the stones and if the stones are relatively colorless to start the white background helps that clean, sparkling look and improves what the eye sees.  If diamonds are set into or against yellow gold it is possible for some stones to take on a yellowish tint which is not desirable.  If the diamonds are fancy yellow diamonds to start, a yellow background is good but it is not good with diamonds which are called "white", meaning approaching colorless.

I do not believe the color would have changed from the sizing work and any white electroplate on the surface areas would surely have worn away in 15 years.  The jeweler may have plated the channel when sizing was done or it may have been white all along and over the years you became accustomed to the look of the ring, so that details like that suddenly look new or different when all is polished and refreshed. Yes, that does happen.

Please get back with me as need be.  Otherwise, see the jeweler and ask about the white area.  Aubrey, I am working sight unseen. If my visualization is incorrect please use a follow-up to let me know.

God Bless and Peace.  Thomas.

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