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Which gemstones need to breathe?  I have several pieces of the jewelry that are sterling silver with gemstones.  Silver tarnishes quickly, so I want to store my jewelry in airtight bags.  I know that some stones can't go in zip lock bags (opal, coral, pearls, amber), but what about other stones?  (onyx, peridot, turquoise, pink tourmaline, rock crystal)  Thanks!


As a gemologist, (and I asked my other, more recently trained, gemologists also) we are not aware of any gemstones that need to "breathe" and all should be just fine in plastic bags.  If anything, gems like opal and emerald will dry out less quickly if stored in air tight bags.  The bags also protect pieces from bumping and wearing on one another if they are being moved.  Just be sure all pieces are dry and free of chemicals before placing them in the bags.  

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