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I am wondering how thin a gold ring can be without risk of bending if worn constantly. I am looking at a "flat" style that does not have curved edges/roundness - this shape:

I would like as thin a wedding band as possible. By thin I mean both the measure of the flat surface and of the thickness from the finger to the surface.

I know it would depend on the purity of the gold... I'm thinking of whatever a normal jeweler would use for a yellow-gold wedding band (16 carat?). Finger size is 7.5.


Hi Jen,

In the U.S., jewelers typically work in 18K, 14K and 10K gold.  14K is used most often and is very durable, but the 10K will be a little less expensive and a tad more durable than the 14K.  The lower the karat, the lower percentage of pure gold in the blend, and gold is a soft metal.  

As far as thickness, I wouldn't recommend going any thinner than 1.25 mm from side to side, and no thinner than 1.0 mm as far as the overall thickness of the band.  Whether or not it bends will have much to do with how much you use your hands and what you do.  If it does get flattened a little, a jeweler can hammer it back to round on a jewelers mandrel, but remember, every time it is hammered and worked on and then polished, a little more gold is worn away and it will become even thinner.  If you are going to go with a band this thin, it is best not to wear it when working out, doing housework or yard work, moving things, etc.  

If this is a wedding band that will be worn with an engagement ring, I would recommend getting them soldered together, as that will provide extra strength and durability for you as well.  

Hope that helps you make a good decision.  Have a great evening.

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