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Hi there I had a quick question. My boyfriend bought me a very gorgeous trinket bracelet in silver and it has the little silver rings that hold the trinkets and brackets on to it well he bought it for me for Christmas and I've already had to pinch two of the rings back together is there any way i can glue they to stay or that i can solder them? or should i take it to a jeweler and have them do it? I love this bracelet please help me :)
thanks meghan

Dear Meghan,

I am glad you got such a nice Christmas present. I generally do not recommend glue on the rings but it might be a choice in this case.  First, I do recommend a jeweler be seen. Unfortunately, the cost of soldering the rings(jewelers call these jump rings) is likely to run into a relatively costly thing to do.  Have a jeweler look at it and ask if they have stronger rings they can put on the bracelet to replace the original ones, if the original ones are not strong and will pull open easily. Stronger rings will do ok without soldering.  If the original rings are strong enough, it is possible when put together the person putting on the rings did not close each ring tightly enough. If this is the case, ask the jeweler to tighten all the jump rings.  

Although it might not help very much, if you will feel better with a touch of cement get some super glue gel, the thicker kind of super glue. Put a very tiny drop on the joint of the ends of each jump ring.  The cement should run into the joint and might help hold the ring together. The secret is a tight and close fitting joint in the first place for the cement to help much.  Go slowly with this job and do a few and let the cement cure then do more. You do not want the cement to touch anything but the ring is it placed on, otherwise you will have a true mess. Try one ring only to start and see how it looks before going on to do the others. Try to hang the bracelet someway or support it stretched out to do the work with the rings in the air and not touching other things.  Again, only a small drop is needed. Cement which is on the outside does not glue anything together and what runs between the two ring ends is the important part.

Meghan, I do hope this helps. Do enjoy you bracelet and I wish both of you a very wonderful New Year.  God Bless and Peace.  Thomas.

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