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hey there, i have a 14k small gold chain i bought at a kiosk in the mall called piercing pagoda, and it costed over 100 dollars,  i assume its real and it is suppose to be real. when i bought it, the seller said the clasp is silver, so i figured that ment the piece holding it together is silver, and there is a piece where it clips together that IS silver colored, the rest of the necklace is gold colored. im concerned though, the gold of the necklace does not say 14k anywhere, but it does have the hallmark stamp. the silver colored piece is the only thing that says 14k on it, but it says 925 2/25 14k, and italy on the other side.  im wondering if the necklace is actually plated or just the pieces holding it together, im very confused. please help!!! thank you

Hi Joe,
Based on the stamp on your gold chain, it is possible that your necklace is gold plated silver since 925 is sterling silver and the mark of '2/25 14k usually means 14 karat gold for 2/25th of its total weight. However, stamps on jewelry which do not bear the manufacturer's mark may not be accurate, as they cannot be traced back to their manufacturers. The best way to determine the composition of your chain would be to take it to a local jeweler and have it tested. Hope this helps.

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