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Hello. I wear a gold wedding ring and I like to wear a silver ring along with it (on the same finger), however, I was told that this combination might cause a reaction ruining my wedding ring. I would like to know if this is actually true??

In general, gold and silver are non-reactive metals, which means that they really do NOT interact with each other. There are actually jewelry pieces that combine individual gold and silver ornation without any problem.
However, silver does react over time and will tarnish, usually caused by sulfur in your skin or certain hand lotions. You will get a coating of black silver sulfide on the silver ring surface. This layer of silver sulfide might now react with the copper alloy in your gold ring. The result depends on the quality of the gold ring and how much copper it contains. (Most gold rings contain another metal alloy to make them more durable. Copper is a very common component). It will not ruin your gold ring, but may make your gold look somewhat dull, especially where it touches the tarnished silver ring. This is enhanced in wet / humid conditions. The reaction is not permanent and only limited to the surface of your jewelry. Periodic cleaning / polishing should take care of this problem.
If you live in a humid climate or sweat a lot and if you have a genetic tendency to excrete sulfur-containing amino acids (cysteine or methionine), you will see your silver jewelry tarnish much quicker. Just gently polish / buff it occasionally.

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