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Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals/what does a stamp of EG on italy 14k goldmean?


Yes ive come about a 14k itLy mesh small bracelet it has an ingraving or stamp of EG on it it dont loolike gold more like copper .i took it to a pond shop and they said it wasnt stuck to a magnet  could u please let me know what exzactly i have.? Thanks james

Dear James,

Without having the bracelet in my hands to test, I have no way to tell you what it is made of.  From what you have said and the fact that the pawn shop said it was not gold, the best I can say it is NOT gold but cannot say what it is.  Some  costume jewelry with heavy plated surfaces will show slight attraction to a magnet but most will not do that.  

Italian manufacturers have a good reputation overall and the marking is almost always with the numerical mark for the karat and not the karat stamp. What I mean is this:  14k would be usually marked 585, the accepted quality mark for 14k gold in many European countries.   This is how much actual gold is in the metal mix, 58.3% pure gold.  Many fakes are stamped Italy since Italian gold is considered good quality.

I hope this help some.  God Bless.  Have a fine Christmas or other Holiday season.  Thomas.  

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