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QUESTION: My husband has ordered a new diamond for my engagement ring.  I know that the ring is going to need a new head.  I fell in love with prongs with diamonds on them that I saw on an engagement ring online.  When replacing the prongs can prongs with diamonds on them be used; or is the only way to get these prongs is buy a new ring setting?  If prongs with diamond on them are available, how much can we expect the cost to go up?

ANSWER: Hi Melanie,
It will depend on what kind of ring setting you have previously had and what the shape of the stone that you want to put on your old setting is. As for the cost, it depends on what metal you plan to use and how many karats of gold or silver or platinum the metal is. If the prong you wish to transplant is platinum, it may become more porous (causing it to become more brittle) during the process and you may need another band but there won't be any problems if it's gold. I hope my explanation helped.

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prongs with diamonds
prongs with diamonds  
QUESTION: The ring is a wide 14KT yellow gold band with 4 silver prongs(not sure if they are silver or platinum). It currently has a 1karat princess cut diamond; the new diamond is 1.51 karats but still princess cut.  What I need to know is are prongs with small diamonds on them readily available or do they have to be custom made? I have already been told by a local jewelry store that I would need a new head and given a cost of around $150 for the new head.

I am attaching a photo with diamond prongs.

I would assume this is platinum, and something like this will have to be custom made and would run up to around the amount you mentioned but it's not entirely difficult. You can have it made at your local jewelry store or you could also give us a call at 1-866-737-0754.  

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