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Hi- I have a vintage(1930s?) platinum engagement ring and i recently found a band to match it but the band is white gold. I didn't think it would be that noticeable- i was wrong. Since my platinum ring is so old its developed a nice patina and I do not want to have it polished off to match the white gold. Instead I want have the white gold band dipped/ or plated in palladium or some other darker metal to match the grey platinum. Is this possible? If so what are my options and about how much would if cost?

Dear Scarlett,

Palladium electroplating methods have been developed and refined for use in the standard jewelry shop. These solutions are applied in a specific manner and the intent is to provide a bright color consistent finish for white gold at a lower cost than rhodium plating. I have not used the newer solutions but have plated a few rings with older palladium solutions. What I could not determine was the durability of the plated layer.  What I did realize was the color was still closer to the white of freshly polished or rhodium plated white gold and not the gray to gray blue of palladium. As I understand it, the newer palladium solutions will not provide the color you want but will be a brighter white overall.

Platinum electroplating solutions are available and will work directly on white gold. I suspect the color will not be so dark as the vintage ring but it will cover any yellow tinges that might show through in the white gold alloy.

There is one problem, a real one.  Ask a jeweler is they have palladium or platinum plating solutions on hand and most will say no.  They will almost all have rhodium as this is a popular treatment for jewelry. The palladium and platinum plating are much, much less in demand and a business will likely not invest the cost of a quart or even a pint of solution when it will likely sit unused.

If the material is in stock, I believe price might be close or slightly less than rhodium plating. In my part of the country that would be about $40.00 for the work.  A heavier or multiple coat plate job will cost a little more and might provide better color for your purpose. Color is dependent to some extent on the solution used, the true color of the metal to be plated and the plating thickness and the procedure used.  You will need to call jewelers and simply ask about this.

There are no other metals I would recommend as electroplate possibilities.

Scarlett, best wishes in coming to a happy result. God Bless and Peace. Thomas.  

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