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QUESTION: I recently inherited two diamond rings from my grandmother.

They need to be resized so that I can wear them. Can you recommend a reputable jewelery to take the rings? I live in New York City so I know there are reputable jewelers to go -- I just don't know any!

I asked Tiffany, but was told that they resize only rings sold by them.

There is the midtown diamond center but, of course, I don't know who is reputable. Maybe everybody is...but maybe not. I thought of calling GIA to ask if they could recommend a jeweler but suspect they don't want to do referals.

Can you advise?

ANSWER: Hi Nona,
You might want to try out  New York Jewelers who are at 11 N Wabash Ave Chicago, IL  ( or Arthur's Jewelry & Repair in 503 Ela Rd Lake Zurich, IL ( They have good reviews on google and have a physical store in the NY area that you can always go to. ( is also a good jeweler and I can personally vouch for that claim.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate it.

Since I don't want to ship the rings anywhere -- the solitaire is a 2.3 carat, nearly flawless diamond -- I wonder if there is a way to ensure that I'm dealing with a reputable dealer here in New York City. I live, in fact, near New York's diamond district (it's within walking distance.)

I checked your recommendations, of course. But Brilliance is in Florida. There are several jewelry stores named "Arthur's" and the one you referenced sounds wonderful -- but it's in Illinois. Its website does not list (or mention) a New York City location. Likewise, New York Jewelers is in Chicago and doesn't have a New York City location.

I also called GIA and, as I suspected (like Tiffany) it gives no referrals.

So I'm back to Square One. So how about this: If you suddenly landed in New York City without knowing anybody at all and had some important diamond rings to resize, how would YOU go about finding a reputable jeweler?

Whatever YOU would do is what I will do!

I appreciate your advice and help.

~ Nona

Hi Nona,

I also recommend Royal Jewel Setting Co, located at 27 W 47th St, Mezanine Level 2(between Avenue Of The Americas & 5th Ave) New York, in the Midtown West ( have excellent local reviews and do a lot of repair work. I hope that helps.

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