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Wells Creek Crater,Houston Co TN. I recently moved to TN and it happens to be at the base of the wells creek crater. I spend a lot of time exploring the outdoors especially the little streams in the area.I have found numerous stones around this site that I simply can't Identify.I have a few larger ones that look like smaller stones are pressed together.Some what like a sloppy contorted snowball. Some have colored rings of different colors on the inside.I guess at this point I would like to know.What would be the best way to Identify my findings? I have looked on the web site for the crater but it mainly shows shatter cones and I would like to identify more. Thank You for your time.

Hello Lisa this is really out of my expertise ..... who you have to find either a geologist or a rock cutter..... Try to Google those things for your area. Another source that might help is if you call the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California. You can Google them for their phone number... They are school, graduating many gemologist and more.
Regards Rolfe Foxwell  

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